Why Exchange

It Differentiates You

Stand out to future employers with international study experience. Living abroad expands your horizons and demonstrates that you’re willing to take risks and solve problems under challenging circumstances. These life skills will set you apart from other job applicants and put you ahead of the competition no matter what professional path you pursue.

It’s Life Changing

Exchange expands your learning horizons by putting you in classrooms at business schools around the world. Your peers will open your eyes to new languages, cultures and ways of living that will forever change how you act in the world and how the world relates to you.

Exchange will stretch your personal comfort zone. You’ll be challenged to think outside the box of everyday living and find your way in locations, cultures and languages that are – literally – foreign to you. There’s no better way to grow your own sense of yourself and your capabilities.

Exchange increases your options by making you different from students who have stayed put all their lives. International experience sets you apart and gives you both learning and life skills that you’ll use for the rest of your life.

It’s Affordable

It’s a total no-brainer. You get an international education experience at world-class universities while paying Canadian fees. Awards and scholarships are also available. The bottom line is that Exchange is an experience you can’t afford to pass up!

It's Fun!

Through the Asper Exchange Program, you can travel the world, meet amazing new people and experience beautiful new cultures! Asper Exchange students have studied in business schools in a wide range of countries across Asia, Europe, Central and South America. This program is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to have a blast and add some spice to your post-secondary education. Explore our student testimonials and photo albums.

If you're an international student planning on taking part in the Asper Exchange program, you can look forward to an amazing time studying here in Winnipeg! Winnipeg is the capital of the Canadian province of Manitoba, and is best known for its friendly people and rolling prairie landscape. International students from all over the world have enjoyed the unique cultural diversity and welcoming atmosphere that makes up Winnipeg and the Asper School of Business.

Laura Fox's Testimonial

“I never thought an experience could teach me so much about myself while being so fun.”

Laura Fox
Exchange: Singapore Management University

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