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Journal Articles and Books

Collins, John S., 1992 "The Potential for Right to Know Legislation in Canada." International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters 10(2): 349-364.

Merle D., 1995 "Issues in Valuing Food Aid: The Cash or In-kind Controversy." Food Policy 20(1): 3-10.

Haque, C. Emdad, 1992 "Effects of Hazard-Induced Displacement Upon Household Income in Rural Bangladesh." Asian Profile 20(5): 427-439.

Haque, C. Emdad with D. Blair, 1992 "Vulnerability to Tropical Cyclones: Evidence from the April 1991 Cyclone in Coastal Bangladesh." Disasters 16(3): 217-229.

Haque, C. Emdad with M. Zaman, 1993 "Human Responses to Riverine Hazards in Bangladesh: A Proposal for Sustainable Floodplain Development." World Development 21(1): 93-107.

Rogge, John, 1991 "Refugees in Southeast Asia: An Uncertain Future." The Canadian Geographer 35(2): 190-193.

Rogge, John, 1992 "Coping With Mines: A Critical Risk for Repatriating Kurds." Refuge 12(1): 31-32.

Rogge, John, 1993 "Challenges Posed by Changing Dimensions of the South's Refugees: Some Illustrations from Somalia." International Journal of Refugee Law. Summer Issue.

Rogge, John, 1993 "Refugees and Displaced Persons: Some Changing Dimensions of the South's Involuntary Migrants" in M. Oliver (Ed.) The Movement of People: A View From the South. The Group of 78: Ottawa, pp 31-44.

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Reports to External Organizations

These reports are published by the the organizations listed. Requests for copies of these reports should be directed to these organizations, not the DRI.

"Community Mobilization & Empowerment in a Brazilian Favela: The Settlement of Cachoeira, Campina Grande, Brazil." University of Manitoba Department of City Planning.
Web Summary of Report

Mocellin, Jane S. P. 1993 "Psychosocial Consequences of the Somalia Emergency on Women and Children" Report prepared for WHO and UNICEF.

Mocellin, Jane S. P. 1994 "Trauma and its Implications for the Development of Strategy to Address the HIV Epidemic in Rwanda" Literature Review Prepared for UNDP HIV & Development Programme.

Rahman, Matiur, 1993 "Moral Economy of Disaster Mitigation in Bangladesh: Public vs. Community Response" Presented to the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute/ Canadian Asian Studies Association's South Asia Council: Ottawa.

Rahman, Matiur, 1993 "Disaster Mitigation in Bangladesh: Peasants' Perceptions and Aspirations." Impact Assessment 11(1): 57-85.

Rogge, John, 1990 "Return to Cambodia: The Significance and Implications of Past, Present and Future Spontaneous Repatriations" Prepared for the International Study of Spontaneous Repatriation, The Intertect Institute: Dallas.

Rogge, John, 1990 "Relocation and Repatriation of Displaced Persons in Sudan" Report to the Minister of Relief and Displaced Persons Affairs, Government of Sudan, UNDP: Khartoum.

Rogge, John, 1991 "Repatriation of Refugees: A Not-So-Simple 'Optimum' Solution" Discussion paper prepared for the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development: Geneva.

Rogge, John, 1991 "Report on the Medium and Longer Term Resettlement and Reintegration of Displaced Persons and Returning Refugees in the Proposed Kurdish Autonomous Region of Iraq" Report to UNDP: Baghdad.

Rogge, John with Ian Goulter, 1991 "Riverbank Erosion Impacts in Bangladesh" Paper presented at the Hazards '91 Conference, Perugia, Italy.

Rogge, John, 1992 "The Displaced Population in South and Central Somalia and Preliminary Proposals for Their Re-Integration and Rehabilitation" Report to UNDP: Mogadishu.

Rogge, John, 1992 "A Research Agenda for Disaster and Emergency Management" Prepared for UNDP, New York, and the United Nations Disaster Relief Coordinator, Geneva.

Rogge, John with N. Alam, 1992 "The Brahmaputra Right Embankment Squatter Rehabilitation Pilot Program" Report to the River Bank Protection Appraisal Mission of the World Bank: Dhaka.

Rogge, John, 1993 "Refugee Migration: Changing Characteristics and Prospects" Paper prepared for the UN Expert Group Meeting on Population Distribution and Migration: Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Rogge, John, 1993 "Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Needs for Displaced Persons in Somalia: With Special Reference to the Northern Regions and to the Juba Valley" Report to UNDP: Mogadishu.

Rogge, John, 1993 "The Internally Displaced Population Western, Nyanza and Rift Valley Provinces of Kenya: A Needs Assessment and Program Proposal for Rehabilitation" Report to UNDP: Nairobi.

Rogge, John, 1994 "UNDP and the Relief to Development Continuum: Case studies of Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Mozambique and Somalia" A report to UNDP, New York.

Rogge, John, 1994 "From Relief to Rehabilitation, Reconstruction and Reconciliation: Development and prospects for internally displaced persons in Rift Valley and Western Province of Kenya" A report to UNDP, Nairobi.

Rogge, John, and Allen Lavell, 1994 "The Disaster Management Training Programme: An Evaluation" A report to UNDP, New York and DHA, Geneva.

Rogge, John, 1995 "From Relief to Development: A Review of UNDP's Role in Addressing Recent Emergencies in the Republic of Yemen and Proposals for Further Interventions in Disaster Management" A Report to UNDP's Mid-Term Review of the Country Programme, Sana'a, Yemen.

Rogge, John, 1995 "The Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Bougainville, Papua New Guinea: A Needs Assessment and a Programme Proposal" A Report to the Government of Papua New Guinea and UNDP, Port Moresby.

Sevenhuysen, Gustaaf, 1991 "Report on Cyclone Disaster Response in Bangladesh" Report prepared for the Disaster Management Training Program of UNDP, New York, and the Office of the United Nations Disaster Relief Coordinator, Geneva.

Sorenson, John, 1991 "Afghan Refugees in Pakistan: Prospects for Repatriation" Report prepared for the Canadian International Development Agency, Ottawa.

Tait, Robert W. and Matiur Rahman, 1997 "The Role and Reactions of the Municipalities of the Red River During the Flood of 1997" Report to the International Red River Basin Task Force of the International Joint Commission, Ottawa and Washington.

Wiest, Raymond with Jane Mocellin and Dodo Motsisi, 1992 "The Needs of Women and Children in Disasters and Emergencies" Report prepared for the Disaster Management Training Programme of UNDP, New York, and the United Nations Disaster Relief Coordinator.

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Branco, Adélia de Melo, 1998 "Women of the Drought : a Study of Employment, Mobilization, and Change in Northeastern Brazil" Ph.D. Dissertation for the University of Manitoba Department of Anthropology.

Collins, John S. 1996. "An Analysis of the Voluntariness of Refugee Repatriation in Africa" MA Thesis for the University of Manitoba Department of Geography.

Hobson, Alexis N., 1996. "Mitigation, Preparedness and Response to the Hurricane Threat: the Case of Nevis in the Aftermath of Hurricane Hugo" MA Thesis for the University of Manitoba Department of Geography.

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