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DNA Sequencing

DNA Sequencing Services


The Manitoba Institute of Cell Biology provides a DNA sequencing service. This service is available for investigators at the University of Manitoba and research facilities associated with the University of Manitoba Initially established in April 1997, the MICB Sequencing Facility had optimized the sequencing procedure and was able to offer sequencing results at a fraction of the cost at other facilities. This advantage existed for about 10 years; however, as the technology matured our sequencers and throughput could not compete with newer technology. As such, in May 2010 we negotiated an agreement with Eurofins MWG Operon to out source our sequencing requirement to them. The advantages of doing so are as follows:
  1. Simple and fast sample submission requiring minimal time and involvement by the researcher:
    1. Prepare your sample as per Procedures
    2. The completed request form should be placed in the mailbox at the entrance of ON6042.
    3. Sample should be placed in the RED RACK of the mini -20C freezer.
  2. Lower prices for sequencing. Single-tube sequencing is now $5.50 per sample and this includes shipping, GST/PST and administration fees.
  3. Standard single-tube sequencing also includes FREE access to 50+ sequencing primers. These primers cover most commercially available cloning vectors.
  4. Get longer reads of up to 1200bp, double our previous maximum of 600bp.
  5. Discounts for bulk sequencers. If you have a full 94 samples plate with CUSTOM primers get Express Plate Sequencing for $258.50 per plate. That's $2.75 per sample and includes shipping, GST/ PST and order processing fees.
  6. Sample are shipped out Mondays and Wednesdays once a minimum of 20 samples are available. More frequent shipping is done when justified. Results are emailed to you 2 working days later and include the electropherograms.

Services Provided:

Single-Tube Samples ($5.50)
  1. Sample collection and organization
  2. Order processing including Eurofin MWG Operon's sequencing forms as well as UM System Contract Requisitions.
  3. Sample packaging for shipping
  4. Completion of shipping and customs forms
  5. Next day FEDEX shipping
  6. Collection and redistribution (via email) of sequencing results
  7. Sequencing troubleshooting if necessary
  8. Administration of UM billing via VIP
Partial-Plate Sequencing ($5.50 per sample) or Express Plate Sequencing ($258.50 per plate) Service provided is the same as above except that the sample provider will need to complete the appropriate Operon spreadsheet and email that sheet to Dr Don Dubik

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