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DNA Sequencing

DNA Sequencing Services

Fees and Turn Around Time

Prices (as of June 1, 2018)

1)    Single tube samples..……………………...    $5.50 per sample
2)    Single tube PowerRead samples ………..    $8.50 per sample
3)    Plate of 24-94* samples …………………..    $3.75 per sample
Above costs includes: free shipping, free in-house primers (see, free sample processing, free consultation and taxes. Where applicable, expect 800-1100bp of usable sequence.

4)    ShortSeq (800bp) plate of 94* samples with your primers added..............     $250 per plate.
Cost includes: free shipping, free sample processing, free consultation. Samples must be provided with premixed primers in appropriate skirted PCR plate**  with corresponding 8 strip flat caps**  Expect 800bp of usable sequence.
Samples can be plasmids or PCR DNA.
*Wells G12 & H12 on plates reserved for in-house controls.
**Preferred  plate Fisherbrand Cat# 14230237 with caps Fisherbrand Cat# 14230230


  • Expect results as soon as 2 days but no longer than 1 week. Read below for details.
  • Sample provided by noon, will be shipped Monday-Thursday once a minimum of 20 samples are available. There will be at least one shipment weekly even if less than 20 samples are available that week (usually sent Mondays or Thursday).
  • Shipping and processing takes 2 working days. If samples ship Monday expect results Wednesday by noon. Similarly, if samples are shipped Thursday the results should be expected the following Monday by noon. Since we require a minimum of 20 samples to make a shipment, you could receive results as fast as two days but no longer than one week.
  • Results will be emailed to external labs (outside of the RIOH). Results to RIOH researchers will be placed on the SEQUENCING server.

The RIOH Sequencing Service includes:
  1. Standard sequencing.
  2. Pre-shipping processing.
  3. Shipping
  4. Taxes
  5. Result distribution.
  6. Troubleshooting
  7. Internal billing
If you fail to receive your results when expected, please call Dr. Don Dubik at 787-4146.

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