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DNA Sequencing

DNA Sequencing Services

DNA Sequencing Procedures

  1. Prepare your sample as per Procedures (see below)
  2. The completed RIOH Sequencing Request Form should be placed in the mailbox at the entrance of ON6042.
  3. Sample should be placed in the RED RACK of the mini -20C freezer.

Single Tube Submissions $5.50 per sample

96-Well Plate Submissions $3.75 per sample

96-Well ShortSeq Express-Plate Submission $250 per plate
If less than 94 samples, use 12uL ddH2O for empty wells. All wells except G12 & H12 must be filled.

Power Read Tube Submissions $8.50 per sample
Consider PowerReads for difficult templates. Provide template (10ul) and Primer (4ul) in separate eppendorf tubes. Indicate PowerRead option on the RIOH Sequencing Request Form

Other sequencing - Eurofins MWG Operon regular price

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