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Ludger Klewes
ON6026-675 McDermot Ave
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3E 0V9
Phone: 204-787-2170 or 204-787-2760

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Research Institute in Oncology and Hematology
675 McDermot Ave
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3E 0V9
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The Genomic Centre for Cancer Research and Diagnosis

Guidelines for Working in the GCCRD

  1. Most fluorescent bulbs (AttoArc 2 HBO 100W mercury burners) should warm up and cool down for at least 20 minutes. This not only helps preserve the life span of the bulbs, but will also improve imaging. The X-Cite Illumination burners only need a 90 second warm up and a 5 minute cool down.
  2. If the bulb hours are getting high (around 80 hours on the AttoArc or 1400 hours on the X-Cite) or the light is flickering, please inform the GCCRD personnel right away.
  3. If there is anything that is not working properly YOU SHOULD TELL THE GCCRD PERSONNEL IMMEDIATELY!! This is imperative, because if it is something serious it could do permanent damage to the equipment. We may also have to call a repair person or order a new part. If there is no one available, please write the problem in the problem log which is located near the bookings log.
  4. All the objectives must be cleaned properly once the user is finished. Use only the lens paper and lens cleaner provided at the workstations.
  5. Bulbs, microscopes, computers and power bars should be turned off after use, unless someone else is there waiting to use that station.
  6. Microscopes should be covered with the blue Zeiss cover when you are finished.
  7. Unless files belong to you, users are not to remove or delete files from the computer. Users should also not remove parts of the microscope.
  8. Users are to be trained on required workstations by GCCRD personnel, and only by GCCRD personnel. Their fellow lab members are not suitable trainers.
  9. Users can only use the workstations they have been trained on. If it has been more than three months since you used a station you may want to request a brief review of that station.
  10. Please record your usage of a system, even if it's just for analysis. This includes analysis in the computer room. There are log books at each station.
  11. Food and/or drink should not be consumed in the GCCRD.
  12. Lab coats and/or gloves are not to be worn in the GCCRD.
  13. Files are not to be stored on the hard drive of individual workstations. All files should be transferred to the server once you are finished imaging at a station. It is prudent to burn a CD or DVD as soon as possible as a backup of your data. If needed, ask GCCRD personnel for guidance.
  14. There is absolutely no Internet access or downloading of software of any kind on the GCCRD workstation computers.
  15. All of the above rules and guidelines will be explained in your training session. If these rules are broken by any of the users, they may lose all or certain privileges of the GCCRD, depending on the severity. The GCCRD personnel and the user committee will determine the loss of privileges. Please understand that we have to be strict about access to the GCCRD and workstations because the equipment is expensive, and we cannot afford (in time and money) to have things break down for preventable reasons.

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