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The Senior Scientists at the Research Institute in Oncology and Hematology are involved in a wide variety of research activities to understand the nature of cancer and blood disorders. Working in a transdisciplinary teams of clinicians, scientists, technicians, research nurses, trainees, and bioinformaticians, we bring together diverse skill sets to translate basic science discoveries into improved patient outcomes.

Cancer is complicated disease that affects nearly family. Through the use of our research platforms, we can investigate the role of genes to initiate, drive or terminate cancers, discover and characterize circulating tumour cells, alterations to the epigenome, identify changes in protein folding and splicing, and elucidate potential drug targets in clinical samples. By working with Cancer Registry , Clinical Investigations Office and the Manitoba Tumour Bank, we can conduct population studies to determine the prevalence of our findings in a larger patient population.

We are always interested in pursuing collaborations with new partners. The Research Office assists all CancerCare Manitoba researchers by identifying new funding opportunities, provide awareness of deadlines, co-ordinate the annual CancerCare Manitoba Foundation grant competition, and support collaborative research opportunities to strengthen research teams. By fostering relationships with other researchers interested in working with RIOH and matching the team's research goals to funding opportunities, the Research Office develops strategies to increase research, training and funding opportunities.

The Research Officer is Dr Eilean McKenzie-Matwiy , and her responsibilities include developing research collaborations and communicating research outcomes within CancerCare Manitoba, create awareness of research opportunities externally, and co-ordinating grant applications. Media and promotions, tours, and online content are co-ordinated between Senior Scientists, the Research Officer, and CCMB Communications Department to improve awareness of and collaborations with RIOH.
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Ashley Sitarz
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Spencer Gibson and Dr. Marshall Pitz
Research Office ON5008 - 675 McDermot Ave

Wendy Bencharski
Administrative Assistant
Research Office ON5008 - 675 McDermot Ave

Chen Chen
Research Resource Impact Committee Co-ordinator
Research Office ON5008 - 675 McDermot Ave

Shauna Ceslak
Administrative Assistant - Finance, Grant Administration

Debbie Patkau
Administrative Assistant - Payroll, University appointments

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