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Dr Etienne Leygue PhD

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My overall research focuses on the study of gene expression during human breast tumourigenesis and breast tumour progression. Designing therapies slowing down or inhibiting estrogen signaling in breast cells has already saved thousands of women. Unfortunately, resistance to a specific drug can occur in some patients and alternative treatments remain needed. It appears that a combination of drugs, targeting different critical points of estrogen signaling at different times, will provide a more efficient protection and overcome the potential resistance to a single drug.
The original face of the products of the SRA1 gene consisted of a non-coding functional RNA (SRA), able to activate estrogen receptors action. We have however demonstrated that this RNA also leads to the production of a protein (SRAP), which also acts as modulator of estrogen receptor action. We found that the action of this newly discovered SRAP is depending upon the receptor ligand, the cell context and the target genes considered.
The bi-faceted SRA RNA/SRAP system, consisting of a functional RNA and its corresponding protein, is therefore a newly discovered mechanism used by breast cells to modulate estrogen action. We hypothesize that characterization of SRA RNA/SRAP mechanism of action could provide new windows of opportunity to design innovative therapeutic or preventive strategies to fight breast cancer.

Team Members

  • Mohammad Hamedani (Technician)
  • Yi Yan (PhD)

Publications since 2010

PubMed Listed Publications
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July 2016 - June 2018 PI: E. LEYGUE Title: Characterizing SRAP interactome using Proximity Biotinylation and Mass Spectrometry Type: CancerCare Manitoba Foundation operating grant Amount: $120,000 September 2013-August 2016 PI: E. LEYGUE Title: Estrogen receptor beta and SRA/SRAP system: functional interactions in triple negative breast cancer. Type: CBCF Operating Grant Amount: $374,938 Period: September 2012-August 2015 PI: J. DAVIE Co-PI: E. LEYGUE Title: Histone deacetylase inhibitors and alternative RNA splicing Type: CBCF Operating Grant Amount: $368,379

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