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Medical Physics

Dr Boyd McCurdy
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Medical Physics

Award-winning research carried out at CCMB has led to the development of an algorithm that is able to predict portal dose images. The approach utilizes our detailed understanding of the underlying physics taking place in radiation transport and scatter in the patient, as well as the energy response of the detector system. This takes us a step closer to being able to verify the actual dose distribution that a patient receives during treatment. Currently he is investigating real-time algorithms to extract and analyze the differences between the predicted and measured portal dose maps.
His research into portal dosimetry with EPIDs and three-dimensional patient dose reconstruction leads naturally into adaptive radiation treatment. We are using our novel ability to estimate actual delivered dose to test various optimization strategies to adapt patient treatments as they progress through their treatment regimen. Previous work has demonstrated significant dosimetric errors (ranging up to >10% of prescription dose) will occur in a portion of the patient population. Thus, there is great opportunity to improve patient outcomes with this research.

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Publications Since 2010

PubMed Listed Publications
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