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Gene Submission Form
NorCOMM is inviting input from the Canadian scientific community on which genes would make the greatest impact if knockout mouse ES cell lines were readily available. This form can be used to submit your genes of interest and the information provided will become part of the NorCOMM gene targeting prioritization process. Submissions through this form are confidential and secure. Information such as contacts and affiliations are reviewed only by an internal NorCOMM committee and public posting of gene requests will be anonymized.

Note: Prior to your submission, you may deternime whether knockout cell lines or mice are already available for your genes through the websites of the International Gene Trap Consortium or the Mouse Genome Informatics database of knockout mice.

There are four sections to this form. You may end your submission after each section.
Section A: Contact Information
Section B: Nomination of the highest priority gene that should be targeted by NorCOMM
Section C: Nomination of the top 2-5 genes that should be targeted by NorCOMM
Section D: Nomination of the top 6-10 genes that should be targeted by NorCOMM

We estimate that it will take approximately 10-15 minutes to fill out the information for Section B and 5 minutes for each gene thereafter. After completing Section A, your WEB ACCESS CODE will allow you to return at any time to list genes for targeting.
If your submission is part of a large group request (greater than 30 genes) please contact NorCOMM to submit your list.
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