NorCOMM Project A Genome Prairie Project
NorCOMM is a
Genome Prairie

Global Initiative

As Canada’s contribution to the International Knock-out Mouse Consortium (IKMC), NorCOMM is working closely with partner projects funded by the European Commission (EuCOMM) and the NIH (KOMP: Knockout Mouse Project) to create a publicly accessible source of ES cells suitable for drug discovery, target discovery and validation, and investigating mouse models of human diseases.

Ultimately, each of the partner projects will serve as a distribution point for the resources of all other partners, allowing for complete coverage of the genome and the availability of mutants in more than one strain or construct.  By enabling regional access to global resources, the NorCOMM and the rest of the IKMC ensures affordable and timely access to their resources. Each distribution node may provide value-added services, such as the production of chimeric mice from ES cell clones.