Community Outreach

Institute faculty and students continue to make contributions to resources management—locally, nationally and internationally. Locally: City of Winnipeg waste management; province of Manitoba water strategic plan; province of Manitoba sustainable development (SD) initiatives; wildlife habitat with Ducks Unlimited and Delta Waterfowl. Nationally: First Canadian national hazards research assessment; coastal zone management work, monitoring of project impacts; review of Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA). International: impacts of urban development in high mountains in northern India; co-management of resources in Costa Rica, Bangladesh, Turkey, Stewardship initiatives in the EU, in particular, in Germany; international disaster prevention and mitigation; sustainable floodplain management in Bangladesh and Canada. The institute is the focal point at the University of Manitoba for interdisciplinary education, research, and outreach in resources and environmental issues. In the latter context the Institute sees itself as having a major responsibility to the University of Manitoba, the City of Winnipeg and to the Province of Manitoba in the solution of problems involving natural resources and the environment. Institute staff takes their obligation to assist in the solution of global problems just as seriously.

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