Recent Graduates and Theses
For the Period: May 2020 - October 2020

October 2020

Graduate: ADDAE-WIREKO, Emmanuella
Thesis: Learning for Biocultural Design: Community Kitchens as Innovation Spaces for Small-Scale Food Production in Manitoba [pdf]
Advisor: Davidson-Hunt, Iain

Graduate: PETERSON, Débora – Ph.D.
Thesis: Local and Traditional Knowledge to Improve Community-Based Conservation in Protected Areas in Paraty [pdf]
Advisor: Berkes, Fikret
Co-Advisor: Hanazaki, Natalia

Graduate: WALDINGER, Jessica
Thesis: Anthropogenic Noise and Noise-adjusted Signals Influence Territorial-defense Behaviors of Male Baird’s Sparrows (Centronyx bairdii) [pdf]
Advisor: Davidson-Hunt, Iain

May 2020

Graduate: BERGEN, Nicholas*
Thesis: Examining the Impact of Observer Skill and Survey Methods on the Effects of Citizen Science Monitoring Programs in Grenada [pdf]
Advisor: Koper, Nicola

Graduate: GHERA, Gurmeet*
Thesis: Community-Based Micro-Hydro Development in Northern India-Benefits Beyond Lighting? [pdf]
Advisor: Sinclair, John

Graduate: HASAN, Tawfiq Md.*
Thesis: Building on Indigenous Capacity: Opportunities for Capacity Building through Post-Secondary Education in Wasagamack First Nation [pdf]
Advisor: Thompson, Shirley

Graduate: ISLAM, Sabrina – Ph.D.
Thesis: The Threat of Dengue Fever in Bangladesh: Factors of Dengue Vector Adbundance, Productivity, and the Role of Knowledge and Attitude in Disease Control in Dhaka, Bangladesh [pdf]
Advisor: Haque, Emdad

Graduate: REMPEL, Zachary*
Thesis: An Ethno-Ornithology of Wabaseemoong Independent Nations [pdf]
Advisor: Davidson-Hunt, Iain

Graduate: SOLADEMI, Folarin*
Thesis: Environmental Study of Mission Industrial Area and South St. Boniface, Winnipeg, Canada [pdf]
Advisor: Thompson, Shirley

Graduate: WILLIAMS, Ramon
Thesis: Distribution, Diversity, Abundance and Richness of Grenadian Terrestrial Birds, including Endemic and Restricted-Range Species [pdf]
Advisor: Koper, Nicola
*As at February 2020