Faculty Research Projects
(in alphabetical order by each Faculty member last name)

Fikret Berkes
Center for Community Based Resource Management
Theoretical and practical aspects of community-based management, co-management, and traditional knowledge; The relations between societies and their resources; conditions under which "tragedy of the commons" may be avoided, with current emphasis on adaptive co-management, complex systems/resilience, and indigenous knowledge

Iain Davidson-Hunt
Traditional ecological knowledge (ethnobotany/ethnoecology); forests and land-use planning; non-timber forest products, rural development, common property resources, co-management and political ecology

Emdad Haque
Climatic variability, societal changes, and Dengue disease in Bangladesh: Application of an integrated ecohealth and adaptive management approach (IEAMA); the nature and role of risk perception and communication in disaster management; an assessment of knowledge of, and research on environmental hazards and risks in Canada; social and environmental impact assessment of water resource development projects
Environmental Governance

Nicola Koper
Landscape Ecology and Conservation of Songbirds and Prairie Ecosystems; conservation and landscape ecology of prairie birds; effects of cattle grazing; evaluation of the effects of habitat distribution; Conservation in Grasslands National Park of Canada; Terrestrial Ecology>br> Conserve Prairie Birds

John Sinclair
Cross-cultural collaboration and social learning; community involvement and learning in the process of resource and environmental decision-making; environmental assessment, environmental governance, individual and social learning through resource and environmental management
Common Ground Research Forum

Shirley Thompson
Environmental Service Delivery; Food security and the social economy; Waste management; Ecosystem, environment and occupational health; Gender in development; Environmental justice
Healthy Communities and Sustainability