Dauphin Agricultural Society:

An Inventory of Its Papers at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

Inventory prepared by Brett Lougheed
University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
(September 2003)

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University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections,
Dafoe Library, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Dauphin Agricultural Society

Dauphin Agricultural Society fonds


93 cm of textual records



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Administrative History of Dauphin Agricultural Society

The Dauphin Agricultural Society was established in 1892. Its goals have always been to promote all facets of agriculture in the Dauphin region as well as encourage area youth to know and love agricultural pursuits. These goals are manifested through the annual Dauphin Fair presented by the Dauphin Agricultural Society.

The first Dauphin fair was held in 1897 and grew substantially on a year by year basis. The first Seed Grain Show was a part of the 1906 fair. In 1907, horse racing was added to the festivities as well as a sports program. In 1909, school exhibits were instituted. The Society assisted in the construction of exhibition facilities including midway and grandstand attractions.

The annual fair continued to expand upon its scheduled activities adding a dressed poultry show in 1913. In 1919, the Dauphin Agricultural Society joined the Manitoba Agricultural Fairs Association as well as the Canadian Trotting Association upon this latter organization's formulation. The Society was previously a member of the American Trotting Association. The Society became economically challenged in the 1920s following its rapid expansion program but Dauphin town and rural councils came to the Society's aid in 1922 when they assumed the Society's mortgage debt and other liabilities in return for the property assets. The financial situation of the Dauphin Agricultural Society greatly improved following this measure.

With its financial situation somewhat improved, the Dauphin Agricultural Society again expanded its programs. In 1933, the first agricultural representative for Dauphin was elected and supported by the Agricultural Society. In 1937, crop competitions were added and a rural youth training plan committee was introduced. Around 1950, the directorate of the Dauphin Agricultural Society decided to improve upon their fair facilities to properly promote their ever-increasing summer fair. Along with federal and local government assistance, the Society decided to move its facilities to a new location at the Dauphin Memorial and Community Centre site. An arena and curling rink were built, in part, to house fair exhibitions.

Throughout the years, the Summer Fair continued to grow and expand. The youth training program was a great success. A Home Economist was acquired in 1951 when the extension service realized that the girls' program for 4-H clubs required a full-time supervisor. That same year, a Seed Grain Show was held in conjunction with the Short Course, adding to it the very popular Bacon Carcass Show. In 1966, a Youth Leadership course replaced the Short Course. A Sheep and Swine Show and Sale came into the Society's program in 1954. It was to become an annual event until a dearth of entries caused its cancellation in 1969.

From 1957 to 1960, the Dauphin Agricultural Society entertained the Manitoba Shorthorn regional show, the Hereford regional show, and the sheep regional show. The 4-H Regional Rally became one of the most popular of the Society's programs. Dauphin Fairs began to take on a more western flare in 1964 when they began to offer Rodeo programs, western breakfasts, western horse racing, chuckwagon races, horseshoe tournaments, and a western orchestra.

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Scope and Contents of the Papers

The fonds consists of ledgers, cash books, minute books, cheque journals, auditors reports, and account books of the Dauphin Agricultural Society and associated agricultural clubs.

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Organization of the Papers

This collection has yet to be organized.

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Arrangement of the Papers

This collection has yet to be arranged.

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Restrictions on Use

There are no restrictions on this material.

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Custodial History

The material was donated to the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections by the Dauphin Agricultural Society in 1996.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Dauphin Agricultural Society File Listing, 1904-1993
11 Minute Book, 1904-1918
2 Minute Book, 1982
3 Minute Book, 1979-1982
4 Minute Book, 1976-1979
5 Minute Book, 1918-1924
6 Minute Book, 1931-1938
7 Minute Book and Associated Material, 1947-1974
8 Minute Book, 1939-1943
9 Minute Book, 1949-1958
10 Minute Book, 1965-1976
21 Auditor's Report, 1993
2 Financial Statements, 1976
3 Rural Women Account Book, n.d.
4 Intensive Crop Management Club Account Book, 1985-1986
5 I.C.M. Club Account Book, 1990-1991
6 I.C.M. Club Account Book, 1991-1993
7 I.C.M. Club Account Book, 1988-1991
8 I.C.M. Club Account Book, 1986-1988
9 Dauphin Agricultural Society Account Book, 1987-1988
10 Dauphin Agricultural Society Account Book, 1988-1989
11 Dauphin Agricultural Society Account Book, 1980-1983
12 Dauphin Agricultural Society Account Book, 1985-1986
13 Dauphin Agricultural Society Account Book, 1984-1985
14 Dauphin Agricultural Society Account Book, 1982-1984
15 Dauphin Agricultural Society Account Book, 1982-1984
16 Dauphin Agricultural Society Account Book, 1977-1979
31 Ledger Index, 1926-1931
2 Cash Book, 1982-1984
3 Cash Book, 1908-1912
4 Cash Book, 1980-1983
5 Ledger, 1926-1930
6 Ledger, 1924-1930
7 Cash Book, 1924-1930
8 Cash Book, 1917-1920
9 Ledger, 1912-1916
10 Cash Book, 1904-1919
11 Cash Book, 1922-1926
12 Cash Book, 1970-1973
41 Minute Book, 1924-1930
2 Cash Book, 1986-1988
3 Cash Book, 1991-1992
4 Cash Book, 1989-1990
5 Cash Book, 1990-1991
6 Cheque Journal, 1972-1977
7 Agricultural Society Journal Sheets, 1951-1959
8 Cash Book, 1947-1949

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