Margaret Konantz:

An Inventory of Her Papers at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

Inventory prepared by Shauna Sanders
University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
Winnipeg, Manitoba
(March 1979)

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University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
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Margaret Konantz

Margaret Konantz fonds

1828 to 1967, predominant 1922-1967

1.67 m of textual records. -- 321 Photographs

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Biography of Margaret Konantz

Margaret McTavish Konantz was born Margaret McTavish Rogers in 1899, the daughter of Robert Arthur Rogers and Edith McTavish Rogers. Her father, who had been a successful private banker in Parkhill, Ontario, moved to Winnipeg in 1890 where he established a wholesale produce company. Fifteen years later, he opened the Crescent Creamery Company which he operated successfully until his death. Her mother was the daughter of Donald McTavish, and a great-granddaughter of Sir George Simpson, Governor-in-Chief of the Hudson's Bay Company Territories from 1839 to 1860. In 1920 Edith Rogers was elected to the Provincial Legislative Assembly, thereby becoming the first woman in Manitoba to hold such a position. She was an MLA from 1920 to 1932.

Margaret Konantz grew up at 64 Nassau Street in south Winnipeg. She attended the Model School, Bishop Strachan School and Havergal College in Toronto. After completing her studies at Bishop Strachan School, she attended Miss Spence's School in New York. In 1922 she married Gordon Konantz, an American who, after serving with the forces in France, moved to Winnipeg. They had three children, Barbara, William and Gordon.

In the late 1920's Margaret Konantz began collecting books for the Winnipeg Hospital Aid Society, thus initiating a career of service which was to continue throughout her life. She was a founding member of the Junior League of Winnipeg and eventually became a major fund-raiser for that organization. She was President of the Junior League from 1928 to 1930. During this time she was instrumental in organizing the Junior League Thrift Shop, and subsequently served on its board. Through the years she held many offices with the following volunteer organizations: Winnipeg General Hospital; White Cross Guild; Convalescent Hospital; Crippled Children’s Society; Community Chest of Greater Winnipeg; Junior League of Winnipeg; International Junior League Association; Central Volunteer Bureau; Council of Social Agencies; Canadian Welfare Council; and the Canadian Centenary Committee.

With the outbreak of World War IIP Margaret Konantz became even more involved with volunteer work. She organized the Patriotic Salvage Corps, Bundles for Britain and the Women's Volunteer Services in Western Canada. Because of her intense involvement with the war effort in Canada, she was chosen as one of a team of four women sent to Britain in 1944 by the Canadian Government to participate in the work of the Women's Voluntary Service.

Shortly afterwards, in 1946, she was awarded the Order of the British Empire for her outstanding contributions in this area. Deeply impressed with the W.V.S and the work it was doing in war-torn England, she wrote a lengthy report on the W.V.S. for the Canadian government on returning to Canada. This later became a handbook for the Women's Volunteer Service. After the death of her husband in 1954, Margaret Konantz embarked on a series of extensive tours to foreign countries. During her travels in South America she wrote descriptive letters rich in detail and local colour. In the winter of 1955 she was invited by Lady Stella Reading, Chairman of the W.V.S. in Britain, to visit England to observe and work with the W.V.S.

On her return, she decided to devote her energies to the United Nations to work in the interest of international peace. In accordance with her desire to study the activities of the United Nations at first hand, she spent three months in 1957 touring the Asian region of UNICEF, visiting the following countries: Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, The Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, India, Pakistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel. Following the tour, she traveled throughout Canada speaking to various organizations about the activities of the United Nations. In 1960 she became Chairman for the Manitoba Committee for Refugee Year, which raised $127,000 to help clear a refugee camp in West Germany. In 1961 she spent four months travelling in Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Rhodesia, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and the United Arab Republic, again to observe UNICEF activities.

In 1962 she decided to become a candidate for federal office. Convinced that she could make a significant contribution, she later wrote, "Between the years 1956 and 1961 1 had found that our image abroad had deteriorated to such an extent that I was anxious to do anything I could to serve my country." As a candidate for the Liberal Party, she lost her first election in 1962 by 392 votes, but won the following year in the riding of Winnipeg South. Her platform included the expansion of technical schools and of retraining programs for workers and the provision of additional financial aid for students. She wanted Winnipeg to participate more prominently on the national scene and to see Canada more active in international affairs. Konantz was the first woman M.P. from Manitoba and one of the four women elected that year.

In 1963 she was appointed to the 18th General Assembly of the United Nations Third Committee on Social, Economic and Humanitarian Problems. In this capacity she helped formulate a declaration regarding the elimination of racial discrimination. Two years later, she was again chosen as a UN delegate. In August of 1963, as part of her parliamentary duties, she toured some of the Indian reservations of Northern Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia.

She lost her bid to win a second term as M.P. for Winnipeg South in 1965, but looked on this defeat as an opportunity to devote more time to her United Nations activities. She had been National Vice-Chairman for the Canadian Committee of UNICEF from 1959 to 1965, and in 1965 was elected National Chairman. In that capacity she represented Canada at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremonies in Oslo, Norway, during which UNICEF was awarded a Nobel prize. She spent most of the next eighteen months travelling abroad. In 1965 she went to British Guiana to participate in the twinning of their capital city with Ottawa as part of the ceremonies of the International Year of Co-operation. The following year she traveled to Turkey and Tunisia to study developing countries which had initiated self-help programs with UNICEF. She also visited England and Ireland. After returning, she again toured the country speaking to various groups and organizations in support of the United Nations. During a speaking engagement in the Maritime Provinces, she suffered a heart attack and died in May 1967.

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Scope and Contents of the Papers

The Konantz collection consists of diaries, correspondence, speeches, newspaper clippings, photographs and household records. Seven small diaries were kept sporadically from 1944 to 1961. One contains descriptions of her trip to England during the war in 1944; two concern her South American trip in 1955; another is undated with personal jottings; one includes notes from her Civil Defense Course in Britain in 1956; another concerns the period spent in England with the Women's Voluntary Service in 1956. The seventh pertains to her trip to the United Arab Republic in 1966. None of the diaries contains large amounts of information or personal reflections, but of all of them the 1944 war-time diary is the most nearly complete.

The correspondence is limited and is sparse with regard to her political life and her work with the United Nations. The outgoing correspondence is mostly directed to her family and friends; the incoming correspondence, mainly originating from her associates at the UN, consists mostly of comments and inquiries about her travels abroad. Many letters and cards express sympathy to her at the time of her mother's death, and, later, to her family at the time of her own death in 1967.

The collection contains only six of her speeches, all but two of which are in draft form. Several groups of notes which she later incorporated into her speeches are included. There is a large and diverse collection of memoranda, newsletters and reports from the Women's Volunteer Service, UNICEF, etc. There are several UN reports on various international topics such as apartheid, troubles in Rhodesia and the Nobel Peace Prize.

Most of the newspaper clippings concern her mother, Mrs. Edith Rogers. The remainder deal with her life, marriage, volunteer work, election campaigns, and her work for UNICEF. Some other clippings pertain to her personal war efforts and her work with the UN.

The financial records are incomplete. Included are a list of charitable donations and receipts, documents pertaining to a Trust Fund set up by her father, a copy of her will, and an assortment of receipts and bills from her trips abroad.

The five scrapbooks range in date of origin from 1922 to 1961. The first deals with her early life and contains wedding announcements and other notices. Three others are of her Women's Volunteer Service clippings and her 1944 trip to England, assorted memorabilia such as a picture drawn by her son, her mother's wedding invitation and clippings, her 1963 political campaign and victory in Winnipeg South. The last contains clippings and articles of her years with the UN.

In sum, the Margaret Konantz Collection provides a good starting point for researchers and scholars desirous of studying one of Canada's first women in Parliament. Though Margaret Konantz's work in the House of Commons and in the UN is significant and valuable, it requires further documentation. Although far from complete and particularly weak with respect to her correspondence, the Konantz Collection does provide essential background information and some interesting insights into a remarkable woman.

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Organization of the Papers

This collection is organized into 12 series.

  • Diaries, 1944-1961
  • Correspondence, 1940-1967
  • Notes on Trips and Ideas for Speeches, 1956-1967
  • Reports and Memoranda, 1942-1967
  • Newspaper Clippings, 1922-1967
  • Financial Records, 1929 - 1967
  • Scrapbooks, 1944-1963
  • Documents, 1939 - 1963
  • Death Related Materials, Undated
  • Miscellaneous, Undated
  • Pamphlets, 1919-1967
  • Photograph Collection, 1828-1967

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Restrictions on Use

The Deed of Gift stipulates that the family retains the right to approve extensive reprinting of the material and also the right of first access to the collection. Publication of any private documents in the collection, other than fair use, excerpts, requires the permission of the Archives of the University of Manitoba. Copyright law may also require permission from living individuals or their families before any private communications may be published. It is the responsibility of the researcher to be familiar with and abide by pertinent copyright regulations.

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Index Terms


House of Commons; United Nations; Women's Volunteer Service - England; Women's Volunteer Service - Canada; South America Descriptions; South Africa Descriptions; Asia - Descriptions

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Custodial History

The Margaret Konantz Collection was donated to the University of Manitoba by Gordon E. Konantz on September 26, 1978.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Diaries, 1944-1961

A group of seven small diaries written at irregular intervals from 1944 to 1961.

11 1. A red diary, kept from January 25 to March 16 and December 24 through 31, 1944, containing a description of her trip to Britain during the war, her stay in Eng land and the role played by the Women's Volunteer Service (W.V.S.). 2. A small green diary written during her South American trip in 1955. No dates are indicated. In all, there are only about nine full pages. 3. A small red diary containing entries of her South American trip of 1955, covering the following periods: January 1 to 17; May 1 to 3; June 21 to July 10; November 21 to January 1. 4. A small red diary, undated, filled with personal jottings such as names of people to write to, books and friends. 5. A small brown notebook, with notes from what was probably her course in Civil Defense, Britain, 1956.
2 6. A blue diary containing notes kept while working for the Women's Volunteer Service in England, 1956. Brief Jottings. 7. A blue diary with notes pertaining to her trip to Pakistan, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Israel, Greece and Italy in 1961.

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Correspondence, 1940-1967
Outgoing correspondence, [ 1954-1967 ]
13 1954 - 1958

(44 items)

4 1961 - 1967

(92 items)

5 Undated

(21 items)

Incoming correspondence, [ 1940-1967 ]
21 1940 - 1956

(89 items)

2 1957 - 1967

(75 items)

3 Undated

(38 items)

4 Hefflefinger letters, 1954 - 1966

(53 items)

31 McRoberts letters, 1961 - 1962

(19 items)

2 Sympathy letters at her mother's death, 1947

(139 items)

3 Sympathy and flower cards sent at M. Konantz's death, 1967

(77 items)

4 Sympathy and flower cards sent at M. Konantz's death, 1967

(86 items)

5 Telegrams sent at her death, 1967

(38 items)

41 Letters sent at her death: A-L, 1967

(79 items)

2 Letters sent at her death: M-Z, 1967

(78 items)

3 Letters sent at her death: Not Clear, 1967

(44 items)

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Notes on Trips and Ideas for Speeches, 1956-1967
44 Notes and speech fragments on Pakistan, Thailand, Taiwan, India, Japan, Africa, British Guiana, Turkey and Tunisia

(28 items)

5 Speeches and notes: Speech (title unclear); Women in Green, 1956; Clasp the Hands, 1958; Message to Canada, 1963; Defense College, 1964; The Moral Climate, 1967

(7 items)

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Reports and Memoranda, 1942-1967
51 Reports and memos, 1942 to 1957

(18 items)

Women's Voluntary Services Newsletter; a copy of a memo on the purpose of The National Council of Social Services; lecture on the "World Health Organization and its Work in Asia"; report by M. Konantz on courtesies extended to her by Canadian missions in South America; lecture on the "Origins, Structure and Functions of Public Health in India"; report on Talent Plan Committee.

2 Reports and memos, 1957 to 1959

(14 items)

Health Reports; Assorted notes, letter fragments, reports on Pakistan, Iran, Le banon, Israel, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, India, Thailand, the Philippines; "News and Views on World Affairs in Pakistan"; excerpts from a Mrs. Sperry's letters on West and South Africa.

3 Reports and memos, 1960 to 1964

(28 items)

Report on Baragwanath Hospital; article on living conditions in Nigeria; Pemberton article on Kenya; memo from M. Konantz on return from Africa; ten historical reports on Scottish castles; Bank of Montreal news letter; article entitled "Outlook in East Africa Today'~; UN memo and Apartheid Reso lution; confidential memo on Apartheid; reports on Rhodesia; Banff Conference Papers; The Nation's Business - Interview with Diefenbaker; conversation with the Prime Minister; Canada's Distinctive Flag; Special Committee on the Canadian Flag.

4 Reports and memos, 1965

(19 items)

"International Co-operation: Man's New Dimension"; brochure on UNICEF; Nobel Speech by Mrs. Harmon; group of Nobel Peace Prize related articles, letters, speeches; pro- gramme for British Guiana; memo on Egypt trip; German public relations letter; report on Canadian External Aid; UNESCO report; UNICEF allocation recommendations; National Women's Congress; UNESCO British Guiana Teacher Training brochure.

5 Reports and memos, 1965 to 1967

(21 items)

Copy of the Congressional Record on UNICEF and the Peace Prize; Board Members' Institute Report; itinerary and report on Turkey, Tunisia, Italy, England and Ireland; series of notes, letter fragments and reports on Turkey and Tunisia; Women and Home magazine; Bank of Montreal newsletter; Volunteer Bureau Regional Meeting; report on Women's Voluntary Service for Civil Defense.

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Newspaper Clippings, 1922-1967
61 Clippings about Mrs. Edith Rogers, 1942

(6 items)

2 Clippings pertaining to Margaret Konantz, 1922 - 1966

(81 items)

Descriptions of her wedding; work with volunteer associations, including the Junior League; work organizing the war effort in Winnipeg; campaign and sub- sequent election in 1963; her work and travels with the UN.

3 Clippings collected by Margaret Konantz, 1947 - 1965

(48 items)

Mainly concerned with the war and the volunteer efforts being put into it; articles on countries with which she was involved during her time with the UN.

4 Clippings collected by Margaret Konantz, 1965 - 1967

(33 items)

Mainly concerned with the war and the volunteer efforts being put into it; articles on countries with which she was involved during her time with the UN.

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Financial Records, 1929 - 1967
65 Financial Records, 1929 - 1967

(61 items)

Miscellaneous assortment of receipts, bills, bank drafts, correspondence with banks concerning transfer of funds overseas; series of documents pertaining to the Trust Fund of Mr. R.A. Rogers; lists of charitable receipts and donations; 1960 Tax Assessment notice; copy of Margaret Konantz's will.

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Scrapbooks, 1944-1963
71 Black scrapbook with wedding pictures and articles concerning M. Konantz's wedding clipped from various newspapers; a number of newspaper articles on her golfing and social life, Undated
2 Black scrapbook with mostly W.V.S. clippings. Includes itinerary for her visit to England in 1944; war news in the papers; coverage of the talks she gave on her return to Canada. Blue Scrapbook containing a picture drawn by her son; information on George Simpson; Edith Rogers' wedding invitation; notes by M. Konantz on her youth; jokes, poems and stories clipped from papers. Brown scrapbook of M. Konantz's 1963 political campaign and victory (see OS 1). Red scrapbook of M. Konantz, with clippings from the years she was working and travelling for the UN (see OS 1).

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Documents, 1939 - 1963
8 St. John's Ambulance Association Certificate, 1939

(1 item)

Volunteer Worker for Civil Defense Certificate, 1946

(1 item)

Order of the British Empire, 1946

(1 item)

Civil Defense Staff College Degree, 1956

(1 item)

Resolution from the Ad-Hoc Committee on the Improvement of Different Things (see OS 1), 1963

(1 item)

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Death Related Materials, Undated
81 Book with names of people who wrote at M. Konantz's death; tribute from the UN; tribute from Bud Sherman; speech by Jean Lawson; Funeral program; certificate from a Hadassah group for a tree planted in Israel; Hansard clipping about M. Konantz by G. Deachman; five newspaper clippings, Undated

(12 items)

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Miscellaneous, Undated
82 Three travel itineraries; a list of UN agencies and their abbreviations; a list of addresses for letters from overseas; Christmas card mailing list; Air Raid Instruction list.

(7 items)

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Pamphlets, 1919-1967

A diverse group of informative pamphlets.

91 A to J, 1964-1967

(18 items)

Alcan, Jamaican Achievement; Bayer, Mary Elizabeth, The Volunteer-Bureau; Canadian Welfare, 2 issues, Jan.-Feb. 1964 and Jan.-Feb. 1965; CBC, The Face of Freedom: Childe, Gordon, Ancient Dwellings at Skara Brae; Fagg, B., Rock Gong Complex Today and in Prehistoric Times and The Nok Culture in Prehistory; Harriz, Michael, See, Know, Enjoy Baalbek; Hoffman, Berchman, The Founder of Marianhill; Hudson Bay Co., Granting of the Charter and Famous Posts; Hutchison, Bruce, The Far East Moves West; Japanese Government, Status of Women in Post-War Japan, Japan's Labour Problem, How To See Tokyo; Junior League Magazine, three issues, Jan.-Feb. 1966, Nov.-Dec. 1966, Jan.-Feb. 1967.

2 K to Y, 1919-1960

(20 items)

Keith,, Christina, The Romance of Barrogil Castle; Kenora, Centennial Review; Konantz, G., Jobs for Veterans; Konantz, M., Women's Volunteer Service for Civil Defense; Marwick, Hugh, Ancient Monuments in Orkney; Maryknoll Fathers, Maryknoll, May 1960; McWilliam, Colin, Brodick; National Trust for Scotland, Crathes Castle; Patriotic Salvage Corps, Making Something Out Of Nothing; Ravenscourt, These We Honor; Roberts, Granville, The MauMau In Kenya; Sawyer, Marie, Inverewe; Spence School, Yearbook 1919; Tourist Division, New Delhi, Cave Temples of Western India; United Nations Publications, The United Nations and United Nations Day; Western Players, Stepping High; Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, Business And Goodwill Tour to the United Kingdo ; Winnipeg Ccruncil on Post-War Reconstruction, You; Young, Christopher, Japan Today.

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Photograph Collection, 1828-1967

A collection of over 300 photographs taken during Margaret Konantz's lifetime. They deal with her trips abroad, her career as a Member of Parliament in Ottawa, her time with the UN, and a wide assortment of personal and family pictures from the early 1950's.


(31 photographs)

1. Mrs. R.A. Rogers, Margaret Konantz's mother

2. Mrs. R.A. Rogers

3. Hon. J.W. Christie

4. Lydia Christie

5. Jimmie Christie, sitting on left

6. Margaret Konantz

7. Church where Edith McTavish married R.A. Rogers, 1898

8. Jean Rogers and her father, circa 1904

9. Aunt Emily McTavish, Colborne, Ontario

10. Margaret Konantz and her sister Enid, circa 1909

11. Unidentified aunt who died in Dec. of 1932

12. Member of the Christie family

13. Unidentified negative

14. Member of the Christie family

15. Member of the Christie family

16. Sir George Simpson, Margaret Konatz's great-great grandfather

17. Sir George Simpson

18. Sir George Simpson, tour of inspection 1828

19. Indians of the Far North

20. Indians of the Far North

21. Freight-carrying across the North

22. Top of the Manitoba Legislature Buildings

23. Margaret Konantz and daughter Barbara

24. Margaret Konantz

25. Unidentified

26. Margaret Konantz, third from right in unidentified photograph

27. Mrs. E. Konantz (mother-in-law), Jean Rogers, Margaret and Barbara Konantz

28. Mauriel (Mrs. John) Rogers

29. Margaret Konantz

30. Margaret Konantz, 1930's

31. Member of the Christie family


(21 photographs)

32. Margaret Konantz

33. Lydia Christie

34. Place where R.A. Rogers courted Edith McTavish

35. Margaret Konantz with daughter Barbara

36. Mrs. R.A. Rogers

37. Mrs. R.A. Rogers

38. St. Paul's Cathedral, London, Oct. 10, 1940, after being bombed

39. Margaret Konantz and fellow Junior League volunteers during war

40. Margaret Konantz and fellow Junior League volunteers during war

41. Margaret Konantz in United Services Canteen during war

42. Margaret Konantz in United Services Canteen during war

43. Left to right: Mrs. Odfer, Mrs. Hazlewood, Mrs. Carruthers,(?),Mrs. Riley, Mrs. Flood,(?),Mrs. Kilgour

44. Margaret Konantz on the right arriving at a party in a 1928 Ford

45. September 1958, Mrs. Laird's 60th Anniversary of winning lst Golf Prize

46. Left to right: Mrs. Ryan, Mrs. Konantz, Mrs. Laird, Mrs. Arnold at the party

47. Unidentified person at the party

48. Mrs. Laird at the party

49. Margaret Konantz and Marilyn Fields at Liberal Campaign Headquarters, 1963

50. Governor General and Mme. Vanier, Christmas card, 1965

51. Margaret Konantz

52. Possibly a United Nations reception


(63 photographs)

53. Margaret Konantz

54. Margaret Konantz and unidentified man, Feb. 3, 1966

55. Margaret Konantz and unidentified man in 1943

56. Margaret Konantz in Ottawa, 1965

57. Margaret Konantz and two unidentified people, 1965

58. Mr. J. Walker, Mr. and Mrs. K. Galbraith, Margaret Konantz in Ottawa, May 23, 1965

59. Mr. J. Walker, Mr. and Mrs. K. Galbraith, Margaret Konantz in Ottawa, May 23, 1965

60. Margaret Konantz and two unidentified people, August 1965

61. A. Kniewasser, unidentified, M. Konantz, Montreal, 1965

62. Mr. O'Leary, unidentified, Mayor Drapeau, M. Konantz, Montreal, May 24, 1965

63. Margaret Konantz, Maryon Pearson, Jean Wadds, Spring 1965

64. - 66.. Margaret Konantz and unidentified people during trip to British Guiana, 1965

67. - 76. Margaret Konantz and unidentified people during trip to Turkey Tunisia, 1966

77. Hon. Mr. Justice Gordon Hall and unidentified man at M. Konantz's Campaign H.O. 1963

78. - 80. Margaret Konantz campaigning, 1963

81. M. Konantz campaigning with Mrs. G. Hall, 1963

82. Mr. Justice Roy Matas, Campaign 1963

83. Margaret Konantz campaigning with W. Arthur Johnston, 1963

84. - 88. Konantz Campaign Headquarters

87. George Wither, 1963

88. Judge Al Philp, 1963

89. - 96. Margaret Konantz and unidentified people during trip to Northern Canada, 1965

97. Mr. Etoungow, Mr. Ehgo (ministers from Cameroon), M. Konantz

98. M. Konantz and unidentified men

99. - 102. Margaret Konantz and fellow delegates at the UN

103. House of Commons, 1963

104. - 108 UN General Assembly, Sept.-Dec., 1963

109. Margaret Konantz, New York, 1965

110. Margaret Konantz, Ottawa, May 1965

111. Margaret Konantz and unidentified men

112. H. Labouisse, Executive Director of UNICEF, receiving Nobel Peace Prize from G. Jahn, Oslo, Nov. 1965

113. H. Labouisse delivering acceptance speech, Oslo, 1965

114. H. Labouisse, Prof. R. Debre, Mrs. A. Sinclair, Mrs. Z. Harmon, Oslo, 1965

115. Lester Pearson and Margaret Konantz, Sept. 21, 1965


(197 photographs)

116. Margaret Konantz and picture of Sir George Simpson

117. Margaret Konantz, April 8, 1963

118. Hon. Richard Bowles

119. - 120. Liberal Meeting, 1963

121. M. Konantz with grandson, April 1963

122. - 123. M. Konantz at a meeting, circa 1963

124. Party workers in Winnipeg South, 1963

125. M. Konantz with Gail, Gordon and Bill Konantz, April 8, 1963

126. M. Konantz with Terry Lyn Budovitch, May 10, 1967

127. - 130. M. Konantz with members of her family

131. The new Cub X sailboat, Lake of the Woods

132. The Old Courthouse, Williamsburg, Virginia

133. Washington, D.C.

134. M. Konantz in Washington

135. Justice Building, Washington

136. The Public Nagazine, Williamsburg

137. The Capitol, Williamsburg

138. Chowning's Tavern, Williamsburg

139. Raleigh Tavern, Williamsburg

140. Governor's Palace, Williamsburg

141. M. Konantz, Williamsburg

142. Gordon Konantz, Williamsburg

143. Bruton Parish Church, Williamsburg

144. An unnamed church, Williamsburg

145. Unidentified animals, Williamsburg

146. M. Konantz, Williamsburg

147. Unidentified person, Williamsburg

148. The Old Gaol, Williamsburg

149. -150. Street Scene, Williamsburg

151. G. Konantz, Williamsburg

152. Street Scene, Williamsburg

153. George Wythe House, Williamsburg

154. Williamsburg Inn

155. George Tucker House, Williamsburg

156. Ludwell-Paradise House, Williamsburg

157. Street Scene, Williamsburg

158.-159. Green Briar, West Virginia

160.-164. Gordie's ski trip to Banff, April, 1950

165.-166. Rag Drive, April

167. M. Konantz in Port Arthur, Hillcrest Park Outlook, April, 1965

168. M. Konantz in Port Arthur with Ruth Middleton

169. M. Konantz arriving in Port Arthur

170. - 175. Second Rag Drive, 171. & 173. - Mar Smith, 174. - Mrs. Kilgour

176. - 179. May 24th, Week-end with the Con and Culver Rileys

180. G. Konantz, Victoria, March 15

181. M. Konantz, Victoria, March 15

182. - 183. Johnson's in Victoria, March 15

184. Barbara and two unidentified people, Feb. 1950

185. - 191. Banff, Feb. 18

192. Mauriel and Bremner Rogers (M. Konantz's sister-in-law and nephew), Dec. 1950

193. Barbara's garage in Dorion

194. Looking out on Lake of the Two Mountains

195. Barbara and Ian McLean with Gordon Konantz

196. Regatta at White Bear, Minnesota

197. Barbara and Ian's house at Dorion

198. - 204. Regatta at White Bear, Minnesota

205. - 212. Sunday at the Yacht Club, 207. & 209. - Barbara Forcey, 210.-212. Con and Dime Riley

213.- 216. First grandchild, Gordon McLean

217. Ben McKinney's, 1965

218. Margaret Konantz and Barbara in Egypt

219. - 223. Unidentified men, 221. - Tom Long, 222. - Gordon Konantz

224. M. Konantz and unidentified women in Ireland

225. - 227. M. Konantz and unidentified people in Turkey, 1966

228. M. Konantz at her desk

229. M. Konantz in Port Arthur, 1965

230. Evacuation of Ravenscourt, May Flood, 1950

231. Looking east on Morley, 1950

232. One block east of River Ave. 1950

233. Elm Park, 1950

234. Elm Park Bridge, 1950

235. Evacuation of Ravenscourt, 1950

236. Wildwood Park, 1950

237. Evacuation in Wildwood, 1950

238. Bill Moore gets set to take off, 1950

239. Mounties keeping track of all boats, 1950

240. Evacuation in Wildwood, 1950

241. Evacuation in Wildwood, 1950

242. Assiniboine reaches foot bridge, 1950

243. Sid Smith house on Wellington Crescent, 1950

244. Assiniboine reaches Chataway, 1950

245. Looking towards Mrs. Richardson's house, 1950

246. Ian McLean fighting the flood, 1950

247. Dike building on Pembina Highway, 1950

248. Pembina Highway opposite Municipal Hall, 1950

249. Dike Building on Pembina Highway, 1950

250. M. Konantz returning boat used for evacuation of Ravenscourt, 1950

251. Pembina Highway, opposite Municipal Hall, 1950

252. McGillivray Blvd. with water coming from the LaSalle River, 1950

253. - 256..Lyndale Dyke, Norwood, 1950

257. Unidentified woman, June 1950

258. - 264. Billy Ellis' house in Fort Garry after the flood, June 1950

265. G. Konantz walking to Ravenscourt, June 10, 1950

266. Unidentified men walking to Ravenscourt, 1950

267. - 271. The Gallies' house on Kingston Crescent after the flood, 1950

272. - 276. Kingston Crescent after the flood

277. - 280. Fishing trip with the Rileys

281. - 286. New Years, 1950, The Chalet, Kenora, 286. - M. Konantz, Ian McLean, Pat Gordon

287. - 291. Laurentians, Quebec, 289. - Ian McLean, Pat Gordon, Barb Forcey, 291. - M. Konantz and Mary Ferguson

292. Gordon Konantz

293. Gordon Konantz

294. M. Konantz, unidentified, Gordon Konantz in the Laurentians

295. Gordon Konantz, 1950

296. Gordie Konantz

297. - 299. Gordie and Bill painting "whitewalls"

300. - 304. La Cloche View Camp, Little Current, Ontario

305. M. Konantz, Christmas, 1933

306. Metro-Mayer Studio, Hollywood, May 1933, with the Junior League

307. Classroom picture, circa 1910, M. Konantz sitting in extreme rear corner

308. M. Konantz circa 1902

309. M. Konantz, 1929, graduation from Miss Spence's School, New York

310. M. Konantz, Bishop Strachan school

311. M. Konantz

312. 43rd Battalion leaving for the front, Enid Rogers, Enid Allen, Miriam Rowley


(9 photos)

313. United Nations in session

314. United Nations in session

315. M. Konantz at the United Nations

316. United Nations

317. President John F. Kennedy at the United Nations

318. Lester Pearson at the United Nations

319. M. Konantz, Princess Elizabeth at the Women's Voluntary Service Headquarters, London, 1949

320. Westminster Abbey, 1959, Women's Voluntary Service 21st Anniversary

321. Lester Pearson and M. Konantz at a Liberal Party Dinner, Winnipeg, Nov. 28, 1964,

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