Margaret Arnett MacLeod:

An Inventory of Her Papers at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

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University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
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Margaret Arnett MacLeod

Margaret Arnett MacLeod fonds

1835-[ca. 1947]

0.9 m of textual records. -- 19 photographs.

MSS 15, PC 13


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Biography of Margaret Arnett MacLeod

Margaret Arnett MacLeod was born in London, Ontario in 1878. Her father, merchant Lewis Arnett, moved his family to Brandon, Manitoba in 1885. Mrs. MacLeod was educated in Brandon and in Winnipeg.

At the age of eighteen, she married a physician, Dr. A. N. MacLeod of Stonewall, Manitoba. The couple had three children--two daughters and one son. Their son, Alan, a fighter pilot in World War I, received the Victoria Cross for outstanding bravery. He died in the influenza epidemic which followed the war. Both daughters married. Mrs. A. E. Annett resides in Ottawa, and Mrs. C. W. Adams in Arvida, Quebec.

Mrs. MacLeod wrote three books, as well as several articles and pamphlets. The books are: Cuthbert Grant of Grantown (1963; rev. 1964); Songs of Old Manitoba (1959; rev. 1960) and The Letters of Letitia Hargrave (1947). The latter work was "Publication XXVIII of the Champlain Society of Canada". Mrs. MacLeod was the first woman to edit a book in that series. She had been elected to the Council of the Champlain Society in 1947.

Professor W.L. Morton of the History Department of the University of Manitoba has characterized her as a "vivid writer". She has also bee noted for meticulous attention to detail.

Mrs. MacLeod was the recipient of several honours. In 1962 she received the Merit Award of the Canadian Historical Association for "outstanding contribution to local history in Canada". In 1964, Premier Duff Roblin invested her in the Order of the Buffalo and that same year she was made a life member of the Manitoba Historical Society. At the age of eighty-eight, she died in Winnipeg in a house-fire on February 17, 1966.

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Scope and Contents of the Papers

The Margaret Arnett MacLeod fonds includes photocopies of the letters of Letitia Hargrave, of her husband, James Hargrave, and of several of his colleagues in the employ of the Hudson's Bay Company between the years 1837 and 1865. Also included are the original letters which complement the Hargrave Manuscripts held by the Champlain Society and the papers of the Hudson's Bay Company.

Mrs. MacLeod's "notes" to the Letitia Hargrave Letters include biographical information in minute detail about both senior and junior employees of the Hudson's Bay Company. The information has been verified through Hudson's Bay Company records and would save the researcher hours of unnecessary searching and duplication of effort. The "notes" and correspondence of Mrs. MacLeod cover a wider period than the Letters of Letitia Hargrave . They complete the genealogy of the Hargrave family up to 1947.

As so many of the early officials of the Hudson's Bay Company were Scottish, those investigating the Scotch in Canada for genealogical or historical reasons may well find the perusal of this fonds rewarding.

The materials in the fonds also relate to the development of the fur trade, the social life and customs in nineteenth century Canadian trading posts, early northern missions, and the hardships of pioneer life.

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Organization of the Papers

This collection is organized into 8 series

  • I. Correspondence
  • II. Research Materials
  • III. Other Correspondence
  • IV. Manuscript and rough drafts for Letters of Letitia Hargrave
  • V. "Notes" for Letitia Hargrave Letters
  • VI. Original Letters which have been encapsulated (Oversized)
  • VII. Other encapsulated documents (Oversized)
  • Photographs (PC 13)

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Restrictions on Use

No restrictions other than those of normal copyright law have been placed on the materials of the Margaret Arnett MacLeod fonds.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

I. Correspondence of Margaret Arnett MacLeod, alphabetically arranged. n.d.
1 A. Incoming

Baker, Mary J.

Cooke, Elen

Dafoe, Elizabeth

Elson, John

Fleming, R. Harvey (2 items)

Grierson, Sir Herbert (2 items)

Holmes, Clara

Hudson's Bay Company, (4 items, plus London, England enclosures)

Johnson, Leslie

Lamb, W.K. (2 items)

McBeth, M.

Macfarland, Letitia (17 items)

McKenzie, Gladys

Morton, W.L. (2 items)

Pierce, Lorne

Pomeroy, Elsie

Ramsay, A.A.W. (2 items)

Schofield, Elizabeth M. (8 items)

Smith, Sydney

Thomas, Lillian A. (3 items)

Willoughby, Miranda

Wolfenden, Madge

B. Outgoing

Wallace, Mr.

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II. Research Materials n.d.
12 Newspaper clippings and book reviews
3 Pamphlets and articles
4 Photocopies of some original letters

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III. Other Correspondence n.d.
21-4 Photocopies of typescripts of Letitia Hargrave letters
5 Photocopies of typescripts of James Hargrave letters
31-3 Photocopies of typescripts of James Hargrave letters
4 Photocopies of typescripts of Joseph James Hargrave letters
5 Photocopies of George Simpson letters
6 N. Finlayson letters
7 John George Mctavish letter
8 Dugald Mactavish letters
9 Lachlan Mactavish letters
10 Simon Mactavish letters
11 William Mactavish letters

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IV. Manuscript and rough drafts for Letters of Letitia Hargrave n.d.
4 1-4 Manuscript and rough drafts for Letters of Letitia Hargrave

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V. "Notes" for Letitia Hargrave Letters n.d.
45-7 "Notes" for Letitia Hargrave Letters

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VI. Original letters which have been encapsulated (Located in Oversized Storage) 1835-1873
1 Cadenbeau, George regarding marriage settlement for Mary Jane Hargrave and Alexander Ogston 1867
Hargrave, Letitia Lockhart [Tash] 1872, 1877
Hargrave, Letitia Mactavish written before her marriage to James Hargrave 1838
Mactavish, Dugald 1835, 1838, 1845
Mactavish, Mary 1838
Ogston, Mary Jane (2 items; one undated fragment) 1873

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VII. Other Encapsulated Documents (Located in Oversized Storage) n.d.
1 Funeral announcement for James Hargrave

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Photographs (PC 13) n.d.
1 Balanstrail
1 Campbelltown Quay (2)
1 Clarke, Mary
1 Hargrave, James
1 Hargrave, Joseph James
1 Hargrave, Joseph James
1 Hargrave, Letitia Lockhart
1 Hargrave, Letitia McTavish
1 Hargrave, Mary Jane
1 Kilchrist
1 Kilchrist
1 Lockhart, Letitia
1 McTavish, Dugald
1 McTavish, Florence
1 McTavish, Mary and Flora
1 McTavish, William
1 Ross, Donald
1 Ross, Donald
1 York Factory

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