Fredelle Maynard:

An Inventory of Her Papers at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

Inventory prepared by Karyn Reidel Taylor; Brett Lougheed (2001 Accrual)
University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
Winnipeg MB
(2000; 2001)

Finding aid encoded by Julianna Trivers (October 2002)
Finding aid written in English.

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Collection Summary

University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
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Fredelle Maynard

Fredelle Maynard fonds


2.31 m of textual records and other materials. [Note: Includes 2989 photographs. -- 13 video cassettes. -- 22 audio cassettes.

MSS 136, PC 143, TC 90


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Biography of Fredelle Maynard

Fredelle Maynard (nee Bruser) was born in Foam Lake, Saskatchewan in 1922 to Boris and Rona Bruser (nee Slobinsky). Raised in rural Saskatchewan and Manitoba, at the age of nine she moved with her parents and older sister, Celia, to Winnipeg, Manitoba. After completing public school in Winnipeg, Maynard entered the University of Manitoba, where she graduated with and Honors B.A. (English) in 1943. She continued her education at the University of Toronto, obtaining her M.A. (English) in 1944. Maynard then moved to Boston, Massachusetts where she attended Radcliffe College (Harvard University). She graduated Phi Beta Kappa in 1947 with a Ph.D. in English Literature. During her stellar academic career, Maynard received many awards including: the Governor General's Gold Medal (1942); Arts Gold Medal (1943); Canadian Federation of University Women Fellowship (1943-44); Flavelle Fellowship, University of Toronto (1943-44); Whitney Fellowship, Radcliffe College (1946-48); Warkman Fellowship, Radcliffe College (1945-46, 1946-47).

Maynard began her professional career in 1945 as an English tutor and Radcliffe College, a position she held until 1947. From 1947 to 1948 she was an Instructor in English at Wellesley College. In 1948, Maynard accepted a position as Instructor in English at the University of New Hampshire where her husband was a professor. Due to a university policy that forbade spouses from working in the same department, Maynard's contract was not renewed.

Discouraged but not defeated, Maynard began a successful journalism career that would span four decades. She wrote about education, child care and development, health and medicine, and family relationships. Over the years, Maynard contributed to many publications, both popular and scholarly, including: Good Housekeeping; Ladies Home Journal; Parents'; The New Republic; Family Circle; Woman's Day; Chatelaine; Saturday Evening Post; Reader's Digest; Studies in Philology; the American Association of University Professors Bulletin; University of Toronto Quarterly; the Manitoba Arts Review; the Malahat Review; the Kenyon Review; Scholastic Teacher and many others. In the 1960s and 1970s, Maynard was a ghost writer for Good Housekeeping, writing both the Dr. Joyce Brothers column and the popular column, "My Problem and How I Solved It."

Maynard also managed to continue with a teaching career despite her earlier setback. She was appointed as a Lecturer in English at the University of New Hampshire Department of Continuing Education in 1952, and in 1960-1961 served as an Instructor in English at the University of New Hampshire. Maynard found her way to the public school system, and after many years of substitute teaching was appointed as the Special Teacher and Consultant, Honors English Program, Dover High School. She served in this rewarding position from 1962-1967, inspiring several young students with their writing. Maynard also served as a College Board Reader; a National Examiner in English, CEEB; a consultant in Writing, Reading and Literature, NAEP; and as a Demonstration Teacher and Lecturer at the NEDA Summer Institute for Teachers of English (University of New Hampshire).

Maynard was also noted as an excellent public speaker. She gave seminars, workshops and lectures to many groups including: Canadian Association for young children; the Association of Early Childhood Education; La Leche League; Parent Cooperative Preschools; International Childbirth Education Association; Federated Women's Institutes of Canada; and the Ontario Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, among other. Maynard spoke to these groups about what she new best: family, children, health, and education. During the 1970s and 1980s Maynard was also the initiator and host of two popular Ontario parenting shows: Parents and Children , and The Parenting Academy .

In 1972, Maynard published her memoirs, Raisins and Almonds (Doubleday, 1972). The book, about a Jewish girl growing up on the prairies, was extremely well-received by the public. It spent many weeks on the bestseller's list, and was subsequently developed into a CBC television special, a one act musical (Calgary), a full length musical (Toronto), and a full length play (Saskatoon). Raisins and Almonds was followed by Guiding Your Child to a More Creative Life (Doubleday, 1973). In 1976, Maynard was contributing editor to The Parenting Advisor . Maynard's most controversial book, The Child Care Crisis (Penguin Books 1985, paperback 1986), was published in 1985. It created an uproar in the world of child care, especially from the women's movements. However, Maynard maintained both her position and her dignity throughout the furor. Maynard's last published book, The Tree of Life (Penguin Books 1988), is a poignant reflection of her life. She writes frankly about her relationships with her mother, sister, daughters, and, most telling, with her first husband, Max Maynard. At the time of her death, Maynard was working on a book about raising creative children.

In 1948, Maynard married her former English professor, Max Maynard. Fifteen years her senior, Maynard was a professor of English at the University of New Hampshire for most of their married life. He suffered with alcoholism for the entirety of their twenty-five year marriage. They had two daughters, Rona and Joyce, both of whom have followed literary paths with their careers. Soon after the 1972 publication of Raisins and Almonds the marriage dissolved. After the divorce, Max stopped drinking and moved to British Columbia, where he became a recognized landscape painter before his death. Fredelle met Sydney Bacon, a Toronto businessman. Bacon introduced Maynard to a world she had missed, and he remained her best friend and partner until her untimely death. Maynard moved to Toronto in the mid-1970s to be near Bacon, and spent many successful years there as an author, lecturer and radio-television broadcaster.

In 1989, Maynard was diagnosed with brain cancer. Typically, instead of despairing, Maynard threw a party and married her longtime companion, Sydney Bacon, in a garden ceremony on May 28, 1989. Maynard remained active, aware and involved in life until her death on October 3, 1989 at the age of 67.

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Scope and Contents of the Papers

Fonds consists of materials created throughout the course of Maynard's career as a teacher, writer and journalist. There are also some materials pertaining to her personal life in the form of correspondence and photographs.

Fonds were created from 1915 to 1989, with the prominent dates of creation being 1950 to 1989. Maynard created the records both in Canada and the United States, with the bulk of the records being created in Durham, New Hampshire and Toronto, Ontario.

Fonds consists of four main series. The first is Correspondence. This is divided into two sections. The professional section consists of letters to and from Maynard's agents, editors, fans and other groups related to her literary career. The correspondence spans the years 1964-1989. The personal correspondence section is fairly small at the moment. It contains a letter from the Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba (1945), a letter from Maynard's parents (mid-1940s), a letter to Max Maynard (1946), a letter from J.D. Salinger (1972), letters from Ruth Small (1985), letters from Marion Mainwaring, and other correspondence from friends and family.

The second series covers her Literary Career. There are sections regarding three of her books, Raisins and Almonds , The Child Care Crisis , and The Tree of Life . As well, her published magazine articles, including both drafts and final versions, are located here. The topics of articles include children, health, marriage, travel, and education and span the years 1950 to 1989. There is also a newspaper clipping section. There are some clippings regarding Maynard and her family from 1932, the 1940s and the 1960s. Most of the clippings are reviews or reactions to her published books. There is a section in this series that deals with Maynard's television show on parenting. This section includes scripts and sound rolls from 1984. There is an unpublished material section that includes typescripts and manuscripts, as well as poetry and other writings by Maynard. Most of the poetry is from the 1930s, when Maynard was a schoolchild.

The third series covers Maynard's Academic Career. This includes correspondence with students and parents from Dover High School in the 1960s. As well, there is marked student work, speeches, articles and examples of grading. The series involves the years that Maynard spent as a high school honors English teacher at over High School in New Hampshire.

The final section includes material from Maynard's Public Speaking Career. It includes typescripts of speeches she gave on many different occasions. The topics include her books, education, children, writing, midlife, Jewish mothers, an acceptance speech, and an eulogy. There are also dozens of brochures indicating when and where Maynard would be speaking that span the years 1982 to 1989.

Besides the four main series there is also a miscellaneous section. This includes recipes and partial notes; a transcript of her appearance on Donahue ; several calling cards created by her daughter, Joyce Maynard; a script of the 1985 Raisins and Almonds theatre production; and material relating to The Radcliffe Institute, of which Maynard was a member, spanning the years 1967 to 1972.

Another section is the Other Family Members section. This consists mainly of correspondence to and from other family members of Maynard's. There are many letters between her parents, Boris and Rona Slobinsky, during their courtship in 1915. There are letters to Rona Bruser regarding the 1964 publication of Maynard's article, "Jewish Christmas." There is a letter to Maynard's sister, Celia, from their mother. As well, there is correspondence with Joyce Maynard from her father (1965), Doubleday Books (1971-72), J.D. Salinger (1972), and a fan (1989). There is a letter to Max Maynard from a student, and a 1980 letter to Sydney Bacon from Carl Rakosi. Finally, there are several articles written by Joyce Maynard for The New York Times in the 1970s.

There is also a Photograph Collection (PC 143). Included in this collection is a photograph of a letter from Boris Bruser to Rona Slobinsky (1915), a photograph of Maynard (1983), five photographs of Maynard and Sydney Bacon's wedding (1989), and a photo collage from Maynard's memorial service (1990). There are also thirteen video cassettes regarding Maynard's television show in the mid-1980s.

Included in the Tape Collection (TC 90) are twenty-two tapes dealing with various subjects including speeches, interviews, and conversations. The audio tapes are mainly from 1983-1988, with a few undated.

The 2001 accession consists of personal information, professional and personal correspondence, a published magazine article, unpublished material, a speech, miscellaneous material relating to Fredelle Maynard, and material relating to other family members of Fredelle Maynard. The accession also contains an extensive photograph collection comprising of 138 negatives, 17 slides, and 2826 photographs.

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Organization of the Papers

This collection is organized into

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Restrictions on Access

There are restrictions on small portions of this collection. Users must abide by relevant copyright legislation.

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Custodial History

The records remained with the creator until her death in 1989. From 1989 to 1991 the records were in the custody of her daughter, Rona Maynard, at which point they were transferred to the Department of Archives and Special Collections at the University of Manitoba. A subsequent transfer took place in 1992.

The 2001 accession (A.01-08) was transferred to the Archives & Special Collections by Rona Maynard (daughter) in 2001.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

11 Biographical information

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Correspondence, Professional 1958-1989
12 with Agents 1967-1973
3 with Agents 1974-1978
4 with Doubleday 1970-1971
5 with Doubleday 1972
6 with Doubleday 1973-1979
7 with Good Housekeeping 1964-1970
8 with Woman’s Day 1974-1977
9 with Penguin Books 1984-1988
21 re: “Jewish Christmas” 1964-1965
2 re: Raisins and Almonds including grant applications
3 re: The Child Care Crisis
4 re: The Tree of Life 1984-1988
5 Fan Mail 1972-1987
6 Miscellaneous 1958, 1987, 1989
7 Margaret Laurence to Douglas Gibson re: Raisins and Almonds
Correspondence, Personal 1945-1985
28 Letter from Lieutenant-Governor 1945
9 Letter from Rona and Boris Bruser (parents) [19-?]
10 Letter to Max Maynard (husband) 1946
11 Miscellaneous 1952-1974
12 Letter from J.D. Salinger 1972
13 with Marion Mainwaring (friend and collaborator)
14 from Ruth Small 1985

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LITERARY CAREER 1932-1989, [19-?]
215 Various Doubleday material including contracts and itineraries
Raisins and Almonds
216 Introduction and Title
17 Typescript “One of Us”
18 Typescript “The O-Kay Store”
19 Notes
31 Partial revision of Raising Creative Children Book
The Child Care Crisis
32 Typescripts The Child Care Crisis
3 Typescripts The Child Care Crisis
4 Typescripts The Child Care Crisis
The Tree of Life
35 Typescript “Labour of Love”
6 Typescript “Home Away From Home”
7 Typescript “’I Keep the Joy:’ The Death of Bonnie Jean”
8 Notes 1983
41 Drafts
2 Typescript “That Sensual Music”
3 Re: Marriage
4 Manuscripts
5 Re: Mother (Rona Bruser)
6 Typescripts “The Poisoned Apple: My Sister’s Portion,” “A Mother and Two Daughters”
7 Manuscripts
51 Preface
2 Typescript “Writing for Life”
3 Typescript “Leaving Marriage”
4 Typescript “The Sunshine in the Garden Hardens and Turns Cold”
5 Typescript “Passion Spins the Plot”
6 Typescripts

“Max: Portrait of the Artist as Lover and as Married Man,”

“Shake Hands and Cancel all our Vows,” (Chapter 2 “A Perfectly Beautiful Devastation)

7 Typescript “Two Daughters”
8 Typescript “The Spires of Christminster: Adventures in Academe”
Published Magazine Articles
59 Typescript “Jewish Christmas”
10 Typescript for Good Housekeeping “My Problem and How I Solved It: Birth control Didn’t work Until my Husband had a Vasectomy”
11 Typescript “Parenting: The Current State of the Art”
12 “Landscape with Maple Leaf”
13 Typescript “The Minds of High School Seniors”
14 Typescript “Mexican Summer” with editing
15 Typescripts

“So you Want to be a Writer,”

“Parenting is Bad for the Character” (partial)

16 Typescript “Birch Hills Forty Years After”
17 Typescripts “Baby Pieces”
18 Typescripts for Dr. Joyce Brothers’ columns

“On Being a Woman,”


"A New Approach to Dieting”

19 Typescript “Before you go to the Soviet Union…”
20 Typescript “A Mother’s Day Bouquet”
21 “Past Perfect”
22 Typescript “The New Single Women”
61 Miscellaneous articles [ca. 1973-1986]
2 1950-1966
3 1966-1971
71 1971-1976
2 1977-1982
81 1983-1989
Newspaper Clippings
82 Re: Family 1932, 1940s, 1960s
3 Reviews for Raisins and Almonds
4 Reviews
5 Reaction to The Child Care Crisis
Television Show “Parenting”
91 Scripts 1984
2 Sound Rolls
3 Studio Parent Assessment Forms (confidential)
Unpublished Material
94 Typescripts

“Mexican Chiaroscuro,”

“Mexico on my Mind,”

“At Your Service (Pleasures of Commerce in Mexico),”

“The House That Love Built”

5 Typescript re: Mexico with original journal 1966
6 Typescript re: Cuba
7 Typescript re: Winnipeg, Manitoba; Sydney, Australia
8 Typescript “The Fallen Tree”
101 Typescripts

“Reaching Out”

“Bar of Chocolate”

“The Challenge of Mothering”

“You Don’t Have to Live With Him”

“Never So Humble: Some Domestic Interiors”

“No Peaches on My Shelf”

“On Being A Grandmother”

“Thank You For Loving Me—An Arthritic’s Story”

2 Manuscript

“Raising Creative Children”

3 Typescripts re: Mother (Rona Bruser)
104 Poetry [ca. 1930s], [ca. 1950s]
105 Poetry co-authored with Marion Mainwaring [ca. 1950s]
106 Unpublished writings re: Travel (India, Russia, Mexico [1966, 1969, 1970]) [ca. 1960s-1970s]
107 Writing re: Mother (Rona Bruser)
108 Essay re: Sidney Bacon’s former mistress [ca. 1980s]
109 Writing from Notebook

“Experience is a Comb Life Gives You When You Are Bald”

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ACADEMIC CAREER [ca. 1960s]-1968, [19-?]
1010 Correspondence- to and from students and parents, letters of recommendation- Dover High School [ca. 1964-1968]
11 Correspondence- Linda Pierce (student) [ca. 1960s]
111 Student Work- Dover High School
2 Speech “Beginnings,”

Article “A Long Young Look at Status Symbols”

Student Work

Examples of Grading

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PUBLIC SPEAKING 1982-1988, [19-?]
113 Re: The Tree of Life

“Medical Writing”

“NAEP Writing Assignment”

“High School Reunion”

“From Autobiography to Fiction”

“The Writing of Creative Non-Fiction”

The Child Care Crisis

4 Re: “Writing”


“The Jewish Mother: Stereotype and Reality”

“Acceptance Speech”

“Eulogy for Rose Kashtan”

several re: The Child Care Crisis

5 Re: “Children”
“NEDA Summer Institute Lectures”
116 Re: “Education”


7 Re: “Children”
121 Re: “Children”
2 Re: Raising Children
3 Public Speaking Engagements 1984-1988
4 Public Speaking Engagements 1982-1988

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125 Recipes and Partial Notes
6 Transcript of Interview on “Donahue”
7 Calling Cards created by Joyce Maynard, Sketch of House in Durham, N.H.
8 Raisins and Almonds Theatre Production 1985
9 The Radcliffe Institute 1967-1972

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OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS [ca. 1915]-1989
131 Correspondence- Boris Bruser and Rona Slobinsky (Parents) [ca. 1915]
2 Correspondence- Boris Bruser and Rona Slobinsky [ca. 1915], [ca. 1930s]
3 Correspondence- to Rona Bruser from relatives re: “Jewish Christmas” [ca. 1964]
4 Correspondence- to Celia (sister) from Rona Bruser [19-?]
5 Correspondence-

Joyce Maynard from Max Maynard 1965,

Joyce Maynard with Doubleday Books 1971-1972,

Joyce Maynard from J.D. Salinger 1972

Joyce Maynard from fan 1989

6 Correspondence- Max Maynard from student [19-?]
7 Correspondence- Sidney Bacon from Carl Rakosi 1980
8 Articles by Joyce Maynard [ca. 1970s]

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11 Photographs 1915-1990

1. Photo of letter from Boris Bruser to Rona Slobinsky 1915

2. Fredelle Maynard 1983

3.-7. Fredelle Maynard and Sidney Bacon’s Wedding 1989

8. Collage from Memorial Service 1990

Video Collection 1985-1986, [19-?]

1.-2. Hazards of Lead-Glazed Dinnerware and Tableware

3. Parents and Children, Day Care

4. Parents and Children, Values and Sex by Access, Network Alta. August 27/86

5. Speaking Out, Child Care Summit Sept. 12/85

6. We The People: Program 4 Who’s in Charge?

7. Mom’s show: Child developing

8. Parents and Children: Six Vital Issues—Sex

9. Academy on Parenting: Programs 5 and 6

10. TV Ontario Parents and children: Day Care

11. The Academy on Parenting Programs 3 and 4

12. The Academy on Parenting Programs 1 and 2

13. unmarked

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TAPE COLLECTION (TC 90) 1983-1988, [19-?]
Audio Cassettes 1983-1988, [19-?]

1. 1987 Livy Morris Productions, The Children’s Journal, 5/9/87, Dr. Healy—Child’s Growing Mind

2. Kim Robertson—Wind Shadows Vol. 2

3. The Children’s Journal

4. Raisins and Almonds Demo Tape

5.-6. S. Bacon 7. An Evening at the Hart House, May 12, 1988

8. An Evening at the Hart House

9.-10. 1987 Livy Morris Productions, The Children’s Journal 9/26/87, Fredelle Maynard/Creativity and Children

11. Keynote Address to APPSLD- PCP1 Conference June 9/84

12. Keynote APPSLD- PCP1 ’84

13. With Weininger Sleeping

14. The Children’s Journal 3/12/88

15.-16. An Evening to Celebrate the Jewish Spirit

17. Nancy Fudy Oct 10/85

18. Homemaker’s Oct/83

19.-20. Merry Go Round and Daisies, Raising Children with Love and Joy

21. Fredelle Bruser Maynard

22. Conversation with her mother in the hospital

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2001 ACCESSION 1915-1992

This series consists of the following subseries:

Personal Information


Literary Career

Public Speaking


Other Family Members





Personal Information 1938-1990, [19-?]
11 Curriculum Vitaes, [19-?]
2 Re: Fredelle's Death and Memorial Service, 1989-1990
3 Miscellaneous Clippings, 1938-1940, [19-?]
Correspondence 1931-1989, [19-?]
Correspondence, Professional 1942-1989
14 With Curtis Brown Ltd., 1965-1967
5 With Curtis Brown Ltd., 1965-1967
6 With Curtis Brown Ltd., 1970-1972, 1979
7 With Glamour magazine, 1970-1971
8 With Read Magazine, 1966-1970
9 With Reader's Digest , 1964-1989
10 From Star Weekly , 1964
11 With Marion Mainwaring, 1942, 1962-1966
12 With Marion Mainwaring, 1964-1967
13 Re: Public Speaking, 1986-1989
14 Miscellaneous, 1950-1956, 1963-1967, [19-?]
15 Miscellaneous, 1968-1972
16 Miscellaneous, 1974, 1978, 1983-1986, [19-?]
Correspondence, Personal 1931-1989, [19-?]
117 With Andersen, Nich (Hogar Infantil), 1966-1967
18 With Bacon, Sydney, 1974-1977, 1980-1989
19 From Bruser, Celia, [19-?]
20 From Chadwick, Frances Kanzler, 1931, 1965, 1975-1988
21 From Chadwick, Frances Kanzler, 1954, 1970-1974, [19-?]
22 From Dave (?), 1944
23 From LeShan, Eda, 1979, 1984-1989, [19-?]
24 From Lowenstein, Sophie, 1982-1986
25 From Mainwaring, Marion, 1968-1975
26 From Maynard, Joyce, re: camp (?), [19-?]
27 To Maynard, Rona, [19-?]
28 With Maynard, Rona and Joyce, 1967-1975

(#1 of 2)

29 With Maynard, Rona and Joyce, 1967-1975

(#2 of 2)

21 To Maynard, Max, Oct. 1943-March 1944
2 To Maynard, Max, March 1944-May 1944
3 To Maynard, Max, May 1944-Oct. 1944
4 To Maynard, Max, Oct. 1944-Jan. 1945
5 To Maynard, Max, Feb. 1945-Sept. 1945
6 To Maynard, Max, Sept., 1945-March 1946
7 To Maynard, Max, March 1946-Jan. 1947
8 From Maynard, Max, 1985
9 From Sh(?)er, Jack, 1983
10 From Silbert, Annette, 1968-1972, 1980, 1985
11 Re: House Rental Dispute with Mr. And Mrs. Hugh Kirby, 1979
12 Miscellaneous, 1945-1948, 1969, 1980, 1985, [19-?]
13 Miscellaneous, 1947, 1974, [19-?]
14 Miscellaneous, 1962-1963, 1969-1971, [19-?]
15 Miscellaneous, 1972-1975, 1980-1989, [19-?]
16 Miscellaneous (unidentified), [19-?]
Literary Career 1965-1992, [19-?]
Published Magazine Articles
217 "A Teacher Talks to Parents: Or, a view from the desk", [19-?]
Unpublished Material
218 Drafts re: various works, [19-?]
19 Re: "The House That Love Built", 1965
20 Incomplete Manuscript for the Revised and Updated Book on Creativity and Children, 1989-1992
Public Speaking
221 "Child Care", [19-?]
222 Invitation to Fredelle Bruser's Birthday Party, [19-?]
23 Drafts and Copies of Prose Relating to Rona Bruser's Life, Sickness, and Death, [19-?]
24 Article by Louise Androvette, "Perfection in Pottery", re: Durham Box Folder potters, [19-?]
25 Pamphlet, re: Radcliffe College Featuring Fredelle Maynard, [19-?]
Other Family Members
226 re: Bruser Family, 1915, 1941, 1984, [19-?]
27 Boris Bruser's Saskatchewan Co-operative Creameries Limited Stock Certificate, 1918
28 Material re: Rona Maynard, 1963, 1970, [19-?]
29 Newsclippings, re: Joyce Maynard, 1966
30 Material re: Joyce Maynard, 1977, [19-?]
31 Newsclippings, re: Miscellaneous Family Members, 1982, [19-?]
11 - Fredelle Bruser, [19-?]

(1 photograph)

2 - Fredelle Maynard at the University of Toronto, [ca. 1943-1944]

(2 photographs)

3 - Fredelle Maynard and her family, 1925-1931, 1946, 1964-1983, [19-?]

(223 photographs)

4 - Fredelle Maynard and her family, 1927-1930, 1939-1987, [19-?]

(232 photographs)

5 - Fredelle Maynard and her family, 1927-1930, 1939-1987, [19-?]

(232 photographs)

21 Fredelle Maynard's Trips, 1967

1 album (160 photographs)

2 Fredelle Maynard Collage, Memorial Service, 1990

(1 photograph)

3 Rona Maynard and family, 1962-1969, 1977, [19-?]

(133 photographs)

4 Ben (Rona Maynard's son), [19-?]

(71 photographs)

5 Joyce Maynard, [19-?]

(1 photograph)

6 Joyce Maynard and her family, 1946, 1954-1984, [19-?]

(183 photographs)

7 Joyce Maynard and her family, 1956-1960, 1966-1970, 1977-1984, [19-?]

(72 photographs)

8 Max Maynard, 1943-1946, 1964-1971, 1981, [19-?]

(28 photographs)

9 - Miscellaneous Family, [19-?]

(12 photographs)

31 - Miscellaneous Family, 1925-1931, 1944-1977, [19-?]

(159 photographs)

2 - Miscellaneous Family, 1930-1956, [19-?]

(51 photographs)

3 - Miscellaneous Family, 1947-1949, [19-?]

(10 photographs)

4 - Fred "Fritz" Berensmeier, [ca. 1978-1982]

(1 photograph)

5 - Geltner Family, 1924, 1945-1965, [19-?]

(55 photographs)

6 - Eda LeShan's grand-daughter, Rhiannon, and her father, 1984

(1 photograph)

7 - Marion Mainwaring, [ca. 1965]

(2 photographs)

8 - Other People (many unidentified), 1931, 1946-1984, [19-?]

(193 photographs)

9 - Other People (many unidentified), 1931, 1946-1984, [19-?]

(193 photographs)

10 - Miscellaneous, 1926-1933, 1946-1957, 1963-1969, 1975-1983, [19-?]

(107 photographs)

11 - Miscellaneous, 1967, [19-?]

(4 photographs)

4 - Oversize, [19-?]

(86 photographs)

Negatives [19-?]
51 - Fredelle Maynard and family, [19-?]

(2 negatives)

2 - Fredelle Maynard and family, [19-?]

(2 negatives)

3 - Miscellaneous Family, [19-?]

(133 negatives)

Slides [19-?]
54 Fredelle Maynard and family, [19-?]

(17 slides)

Restricted [19-?]
61 - Rona Maynard - 1 album, includes 18 photographs, 1 newsclipping, and her Social Insurance card

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