Turnstone Press:

An Inventory of Its Records at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

Inventory prepared by John E. L. Richthammer
University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
Winnipeg, Manitoba
(August 1996)

Finding aid encoded by Julianna Trivers (November 2002)
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Turnstone Press

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MSS 118, PC 120, TC 80


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Administrative History of Turnstone Press

The origins of Turnstone Press can be traced to an informal meeting at the Montcalm pub close to the University of Manitoba on a 1976 afternoon. A group of English professors and their friends began discussing their desire to establish a non-profit cultural partnership.

First located in a small but rent-free office in St. John's College at the University of Manitoba (though separate from it), the publishing house was administered by an editorial board initially consisting of professors/writers. Turnstone, named after the sturdily-built turnstone bird generally known as a great survivor, was established to publish the works of Manitoba poets and writers.

The founders of Turnstone Press, all of whom were young academics with impressive scholastic records and promisingly-creative minds, are as follows:

Gimli-born David Arnason, the son of a fisherman, studied at the Universities of Manitoba and New Brunswick (BA/1961, Cert. Ed/1963, MA/1969, all from Manitoba and a Ph.D. from University of New Brunswick in 1980). He was a high school English teacher before joining the English department of the University of Manitoba in 1972 as Canadian literature professor. Besides his writing talents, he became a recognized specialist in Canadian, contemporary American and commonwealth literature. He served as Dean of Studies at St. John's College, chairman of the Literary Press Group, was a co-founder of the Journal of Canadian Fiction and is a well-known Manitoba editor, publisher, award-winning author, journalist and broadcaster.

Dr. John Beaver, a native of England, was a French professor at University of Manitoba and was managing editor/business manager of Turnstone Press until a teaching offer from McMaster University in 1979 precipitated his move to Hamilton.

Dr. Dennis O. Cooley, a native of Estevan, Saskatchewan, earned three degrees from the University of Saskatchewan (B.Ed/1966, BA (Hons.)/1967, MA/1968 and a Ph.D. from the University of Rochester in 1971). He was appointed to the University of Manitoba in 1973 and is a Canadian literature professor and assistant chair of English as well as a critically-acclaimed writer and editor.

Robert Enright was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and graduated from the University of Saskatchewan. He is well-known for his long career as an art/film critic and broadcaster (in both television and radio for the CBC).

Dr. Daniel S. Lenoski was born in Winnipeg, where he earned a BA (Hons.) and MA at the University of Manitoba. He received his Ph.D. from Queen's University. Dr. Lenoski spent many years as assistant and later associate professor of English at St. Paul's College, University of Manitoba. He was editor of the Canadian Journal of Irish Studies and is considered a specialist in Anglo-Irish, late Victorian and early 20th century literature.

A few years after its founding, Paul Hjartarson, who taught English at University of Manitoba, joined Turnstone as did Marilyn Morton (as managing editor of both Turnstone and Contemporary Verse II magazine) and David Michael Carr (associate editor). Carr was born in Chicago and came to Winnipeg in 1966. In 1985 he left Turnstone to work in the civil service.

By 1981 Turnstone had its own typesetters and began to produce much of its work on site as well as typesetting for others on a contract basis. Commissioned sales representatives distributed their books both nationally and internationally. Turnstone Press was incorporated in April 1983 with the following acting as first directors: Dr. David Arnason, David Carr, Dr. Dennis Cooley, Dr. Daniel Lenoski, Patricia Sanders and Dr. Wayne Tefs.

Initially Turnstone was strictly a poetry and prose fiction publisher but before long it began publishing drama, fiction, non-fiction and even plays. Turnstone's primary mandate has always been to facilitate exposure for both lesser-established and well-known writers by providing a quality prairie publishing house. As one of its editors commented in the April 1980 offering of Quill and Quire : "writers (in Manitoba) began as truck drivers, teachers, and farmers doing a little writing on the side. Access to publishing has helped them to take themselves seriously as writers." Among the established (and, in some cases, internationally-known) authors published by Turnstone were Sandra Birdsell, Bertram Brooker (posthumously), Patrick Friesen, Robert Kroetsch, Dorothy Livesay, Andrew Suknaski, Anne Szumigalski and Miriam Waddington. There have been several anthologies to come off Turnstone's presses. Reviews of Turnstone books are written and published worldwide and a number of the books themselves are required reading in many national universities.

Turnstone was able to function with the aid of Manitoba Arts Council grants over the years, along with intermittent funding from the Canada Council. Any profits realized from the sales of books went back into the publishing aspect of the press. Turnstone's first two publications were William Dempsey Valgardson's In The Gutting Shed and George Amabile's Open Country . The press fostered a growing group of Prairie or Manitoba writers and readers. When the Manitoba Writers' Guild formed in 1981, many of its founders were first-book authors with Turnstone.

Established during a period of significant growth in creative prairie literature, Turnstone quickly became a significant literary press in Canada and presently enjoys substantial national recognition.

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Scope and Contents of the Records

The Turnstone Press Collection documents all of the activities of this Winnipeg-based literary publishing house from its inception as a partnership in 1976 until its incorporation in 1983. The business and administrative records consist of minutes of Turnstone meetings (1977-1982), Literary Press Group meetings (1979-1981), minutes of special meetings, incorporation papers, financial and taxation statements, marketing/promotional events and author's tours, sales and distribution records, royalty statements, printer's invoices, grant applications and correspondence with government departments, arts councils, granting institutions, agents and booksellers.

Of the collection's important literary holdings, there are only a small number of original manuscripts; however, the majority of manuscripts published by Turnstone during the year 1976-1983 are present in the form of copies. Less than five published softcover books are included. There is substantial correspondence with authors, poets and other editors. Contained in literary correspondence records are letters from such Canadian writers of prominence as David Arnason, Dennis Cooley, Sandra Birdsell, Earle Birney, Chester Duncan, Patrick Friesen, Robert Kroetsch, Dorothy Livesay, Eli Mandel, Al Purdy, Andrew Suknaski, W.D. Valgardson and Miriam Waddington.

Also included is the complete correspondence by year relating to rejected manuscripts. The files for the late 1970s and early 1980s of Contemporary Verse II , a literary magazine edited by Dr. Dorothy Livesay and Robert Quickenden, are likewise part of the collection. For further archival holdings on CV II , the Dorothy Livesay Collection (MSS 37), also at Archives & Special Collections, may be consulted.

The Turnstone Photograph Collection (PC 120) is a combination of author's photographs and/or photographs used in a particular author's book. The collection is sporadic and limited. What few exist are photographs of authors or photographs printed in their books. One item from PC 120, an original charcoal poster used on the cover of Douglas Smith's Scarecrow , is oversized and was placed in the map cabinet. The Turnstone Tape Collection (TC 80) consists of one reel-to-reel audio tape (uneven sound) of an unidentified woman speaking about seniors.

Two other collections in Archives & Special Collections' holdings complement Turnstone Press--Saskatoon-based Thistledown Press (MSS 116) and the NeWest Press (MSS 117) of Edmonton, Alberta.

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Organization of the Records

These records are organized into 4 series

  • I. BUSINESS RECORDS 1976-1986
  • II. LITERARY RECORDS 1976-1981, [19-?]
  • Photograph Collection (PC 120)
  • Tape Collection (TC 80)

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Restrictions on Use

The Collection is available to all who abide by copyright law as passed by the Parliament of Canada from time to time. Patrons must also exercise proper care in using the collection. Fair use excerpts should give proper acknowledgment and source attribution.

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Custodial History

The Turnstone Press Collection was donated to Archives & Special Collections in 1992 by two of Turnstone's original founders/editors, Drs. Dennis Cooley and Wayne Tefs, professors of English at the University of Manitoba. The papers were appraised by the National Archival Appraisal Board and later declared "Cultural Property" (a gift to Canada) by the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board in March 1993.

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Detailed Description of the Records

11 Turnstone Press: History
12 Minutes: Meetings 1977-1982
3 Minutes: Literary Press Group 1979-1981
Business Correspondence
14 Correspondence: Alberta Culture 1980-1981
5 Correspondence: Dept. of Cultural Affairs, 1982-1982
6 Correspondence: French Canadian Anthology, 1985-1986
7 Correspondence: Promotion, tours by authors, special meetings 1980-1983
8 Cloudland Literary Press 1979-1980
Legal Records
19 Incorporation 1979-1983
Grant Applications
110 Canada Council 1977-1982
11 Manitoba Arts Council 1976-1983
12 Saskatchewan Arts Board 1977-1982
13 Secretary of State 1979-1981
Payroll/Sales/Distribution Records
21 Payroll 1983-1984
2 Accounts ledger 1980-1982
3 Book sales ledger 1976-1978
4 Book sales ledger 1978-1981
5 Book sales ledger Jan. 1980-Apr. 1982
6 Book sales ledger Dec. 1980-Mar. 1982
7 Sales: Distribution by Inland Book Co. and Gryphon House 1982-1983
8 Sales: Distribution by Stanton & MacDougall 1981-1983
9 Sales: Various distributors 1981-1983
10 Sales: Frankfurt Book Fair 1982-1983
11 Sales: Reports & data 1979-1983
12 Sales: Representative Gordon Garner 1982-1983
13 Printer's invoices 1981-1983
14 Royalty statements 1977-1982
15 Book sales inventory and costing 1976-1984
16 Turnstone office file 1984
Taxation Records
31 Financial statements 1976-1982
2 Financial statements and income tax 1983
3 Payments re: T-4s 1980-1982
4 Payments re: T-4s 1983
Marketing Records
35 Publishing on contract 1980-1982
6 "Sub-rights" 1979-1984
7 Standing orders
8 Publicity 1976-1981
9 Publicity: press parties Apr. 1, 1978 and Mar. 31, 1979
10 Publicity: Turnstone brochure 1978-1979
11 Book publishing survey 1982-1983

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II. LITERARY RECORDS 1976-1981, [19-?]
312 Correspondence: General 1976-1980
13 Correspondence: Dr. Richard E. Bennett
14 Manitoba Novelists' Bibliography
15 Mailing list Oct. 1979
16 Adamson, Arthur
17 Allen, Elizabeth
18 Amabile, George
19 Ammeter, Arthur E.
20 Arnason, Dr. David (also see Michael Olito)
41 Baastad, Erling Friis
2 Banting, Pamela
3 Barbour, Douglas
4 Beardy, Jackson
5 Birney, Earle
6 Birdsell, Sandra L.
7 Bitney, Katherine (Kate)
8 Bowering, George
9 Carriere, Elizabeth
10 Christensen, Peter
11 Chudrick, Gerald P. (poems)
12 Cooley, Dr. Dennis O.
13 Crozier (Uher) Lorna
14 Dagg, Mel
15 Daniel, Lorne
16 Davey, Frank
17 David, Jack
18 Deeley, Ann (& poems)
19 Dillon, Norma
20 Duncan, Chester (& musical scores)
21 Dyck, Edward Frank
22 Fifik, Robert (& poems)
23 Foster, Robert
24 Friesen, Patrick (& poems)
51 Geddes, Gary
2 Grace, Gregory
3 Gruending, Dennis
4 Gunnars, Kristjana
5 Gutteridge, Donald
6 Hawley, Helen Maud
7 Hayman, Patrick
8 Helwig, Sarah Magdalen (Maggie)
9 Hitching, James (a.k.a. Jim Wallace)
10 Jankola, Elizabeth (Beth) (& poems)
11 Johnson, Dr. Stephen Marshall
12 Klymkiw, Myroslaw (Slawko)
13 Koehn, Lala Heine
14 Kroetsch, Dr. Robert
15 Lane, John C.
16 Lane, Patrick
17 Le Dressay, Anne Marie
18 Livesay, Dr. Dorothy (also see Contemporary Verse II )
19 MacLulich, Dr. T. Donald
20 McLauchlan, Laura
21 Mandel, Dr. Eli (also see Davey, Frank and Draft Anthology, 1981)
22 Marlatt, Daphne
23 Marriott, Anne
24 Morrissette, George
25 Noyes, Steven
26 Olito, Michael (& Dr. David Arnason)
27 Peters, Elizabeth
28 Philips, Elizabeth
29 Powell, Craig
30 Purdy, Al (see Whyte, Jon)
31 Reed, Valerie Gail Caasi
32 Reid, Monty
33 Riches, Brenda (& poems)
34 Rutland, Enid Delgatty
61 Ryga, George
2 Scobie, Stephen
3 Shaw, Margaret A.
4 Siemienuk, Les
5 Silver, Alfred
6 Smart, Carolyn
7 Smith, Douglas
8 Smith, Steven
9 Sproxton, Birk (re: Bertram Brooker)
10 Story, Gertrude
11 Suknaski, Andrew
12 Swiderek, Yvonne
13 Szumigalski, Anne
14 Tefs, Dr. Wayne
15 Tregebov, Michael
16 Turner, Gordon
17 Upward, Edward
18 Ursell, Dr. Geoffrey Barry
19 Valgardson, William Dempsey
20 Waddington, Miriam
21 Wallace, Bronwen
22 Wallace, Jim (see Hitching, James)
23 Waltner-Toews, Dr. David
24 Wayman, Thomas
25 Weis, Lyle
26 Whyte, Jon Anthony
27 Wiebe, Armin
28 Woodcock, George
29 Young, Patricia Rose

- Correspondence primarily with authors, poets and other writers

Published Literary Manuscripts And Books, Drafts And And Related Correspondence
Ackerman, Caroline
71 Kids in the Kitchen Cookbook - manuscript copy

Adam, Ian
72 The Last Prairie Poem - original manuscript and correspondence
Adamson, Arthur
73 Notes From a Dark Cellar - revised manuscript copy
4 The Inside Animal - original draft manuscript
5 The Inside Animal - draft two
6 Bestiary - softcover book
Allan, Elizabeth
77 War Games - editor's working manuscript copy
8 War Games - final manuscript copy
Amabile, George
79 Wilderness Edge: The Prairies - manuscript copy
10 Ideas of Shelter - editor's manuscript copy
11 Open Country - softcover booklet
Ammeter, Arthur E.
712 Berens River Poems - original manuscript
13 Berens River Poems - revised original manuscript 13
14 For Christina Rosetti - manuscript copy
Amprimoz, Dr. Alexandre L.
715 Portrait of Louis Riel as a Young Poet - short original manuscript
16 Paul Savoie's Eternal Laughter - short original manuscript
Arnason, Dr. David
717 50 Stories and a Piece of Advice - editor's manuscript copy
81 Marsh Burning - manuscript copy
2 The Icelanders - transcript of interview with Humphrey & Inga Olson
Barbour, Douglas
83 Shore Lines - manuscript (c. 1979) copy
Birdsell, Sandra L.
84 After the Flood - all versions (originals)
5 The Night Travellers - original and revised manuscript copy
6 Stones - short original manuscript (1977)
7 Truda - copies of various manuscript drafts
8 The Rock Garden - two draft manuscript copies
9 Flowers for Weddings and Funerals - manuscript copy
10 "Arlington Street" - copy of short manuscript
11 Journey to the Lake - original manuscript
12 There is No Shoreline - copies of two manuscript versions
13 The Wild Plum Tree - manuscript copy
14 The Wednesday Circle - manuscript copy
15 Judgment - two versions of manuscript
16 The Day My Grandfather Died - original manuscript
17 Stones - manuscript copy (1977)
18 A Mouse in a Glass Jar - original manuscript
Bitney, Kate
819 While You Were Out - original submission copy (edited)
20 While You Were Out - final manuscript copy
Bowering, George
91 The Mask in Place: Essays on Fiction in North America - original manuscript
Cooley, Dr. Dennis O.
92 untitled poetry - manuscript copy
Dagg, Mel
93 Same Truck, Different Driver - manuscript copy
Daniel, Lorne
94 Lodgepole - manuscript copy
Davey, Frank
95 Surviving the Paraphrase: Eleven Essays in Canadian Literature - manuscript copy
Dillon, Norma
96 untitled poetry - manuscript copy Draft Anthology - Dr. Dennis O. Cooley (editor)
7 correspondence relating to Draft
8 manuscript copy
9 permissions from authors
Dyck, Edward Frank
101 The Mossbank Canon - correspondence and original manuscript
Easton, Tristan
102 Fishboat Blues - manuscript copy
Enns, Victor
103 The Jimmy Bang Poems - manuscript copy (1979)
4 Where the Smiles Go at Night - correspondence and manuscript copy
5 Musical Interlude - manuscript copy
Foster, Robert
106 Boulder Outlines at Bannock Point - original manuscript
Friesen, Patrick
107 The Shunning - original manuscript (file one)
111 The Shunning - partly original manuscript (file two)
2 Lands I Am - various partly original manuscripts
3 Bluebottle - printed manuscript copy
Geddes, Gary
114 The Acid Test - manuscript copy
5 The Acid Test - softcover book (1981)
Grace, Gregory
116 The Man With the Styrofoam Head - original manuscript (1979)
7 The Man With the Styrofoam Head - softcover book
Helwig, 'Maggie'
118 Walking Through Fire - correspondence and manuscript copy
Hilles, Robert
119 Look the Lovely Animal Speaks - original manuscript
10 Look the Lovely Animal Speaks - final manuscript copy (1980)
Lane, John
1111 I Want to Tell You Lies - manuscript copy (1980)
12 End of Summer - manuscript copy
13 untitled poetry - original manuscript (1978)
121 Redemption of Alfie - manuscript copy
Lane, Patrick
122 The Killing Table - manuscript copy
3 The Weight - manuscript copy
Lane, Patrick and Lorna (Uher) Crozier
124 There Are No Longer Two People - manuscript copy
Lanteigne, M.P.
125 "Poems" - original manuscript
"Poems" - original manuscript
126 This Body That I Live In - original manuscript draft
7 This Body That I Live In - original edited manuscript
Livesay, Dr. Dorothy
128 The Raw Edges - original edited manuscript (1981)
McLauchlan, Laura
129 Lacuna (originally The Painted Territory ) - original submission copy (1979)
10 Lacuna (originally The Painted Territory ) - original manuscript (c. 1980)
MacLulich, Dr. T. Donald
1211 Explorations (later Voyages ) - original manuscript
12 Explorations (later Voyages )- final original manuscript
Marlatt, Daphne
1213 How to Hug a Stone - manuscript copy
Morrissette, George
1214 Finding Mom at Eatons - original manuscript
15 Finding Mom at Eatons - two original revised manuscripts
16 Finding Mom at Eatons - two editor's working copies
131 In Favour of the Open Sky - original manuscript and unidentified poems
2 The Millionaire of Goatfield - original manuscript
Philips, Elizabeth
133 Breaking Through Ice - original manuscript
Powell, Craig
134 Rehearsal For Dancers - softcover book (1978)
Reed, Valerie
135 When the Dogs Bark at Night - original manuscript pages
6 copies of poems
7 Love and Other Terrors - original manuscript (1981)
Reid, Monty
138 The Dream of Snowy Owls - original manuscript (1981)
Riches, Brenda
139 Dry Media - original edited manuscript
10 Dry Media - original revised manuscript
Rutland, Enid Delgatty
1311 The Cranberry Tree - first manuscript submitted
12 The Cranberry Tree - corrected draft manscript
13 The Cranberry Tree - editor's working manuscript copy
Siemieniuk, Les
1314 Almost a Ritual - original manuscript
Silver, Alfred
1315 Thimble Rig - edited manuscript copy (1981)
16 Dud Shuffle - third draft manuscript copy
17 Idiot Strings - manuscript copy
18 More of a Family - manuscript copy
Smart, Carolyn
141 Swimmers In Oblivion - manuscript copy
Smith, Douglas
142 The Light of Our Bones - manuscript copy
3 Scarecrow - various draft copies and unidentified poetry
4 Scarecrow - softcover book (1980)
Smith, Steven
145 Ritual Murders - manuscript copy (1980)
Sproxton, Birk (editor)
146 Sounds Assembling: The Poetry of Bertram Brooker - four drafts of introduction by Sproxton
7 Sounds Assembling: The Poetry of Bertram Brooker - manuscript copy
Suknaski, Andrew
148 Taber Child (later Montage For An Interstellar Cry) - edited manuscript copy (1979)
9 Taber Child (later Montage For An Interstellar Cry) - original submitted edited manuscript
10 Taber Child (later Montage For An Interstellar Cry) - first edited revision copy
11 Taber Child (later Montage For An Interstellar Cry) - original second draft manuscript
12 Taber Child (later Montage For An Interstellar Cry) - third revision copy
13 Taber Child (later Montage For An Interstellar Cry) - original fourth revision manuscript
14 Taber Child (later Montage For An Interstellar Cry) - original fifth revision manuscript
Szumigalski, Anne
1415 Game of Angels - editor's working manuscript copy (1980)
151 Game of Angels - final manuscript copy
2 Dedication for a Book Titled "A Century of Man" - original manuscript copy
Tregebov, Michael
153 Forty Love Poems & A Letter To The Boss - original edited manuscript
4 Forty Love Poems & A Letter To The Boss - second draft copy
5 Forty Love Poems & A Letter To The Boss - revised manuscript copy
6 Changehouse - softcover book (1976)
Uher (Crozier), Lorna
157 The First Woman - original and copy manuscript sections
8 Humans and Other Beasts - original manuscript (1980)
9 Death Wish: A Poem in Sequence - manuscript copy
10 The Foetus Dreams - original manuscript
Upward, Edward
1511 Pastoral Madness - original manuscript
12 Pastoral Madness - revised original manuscript
Ursell, Dr. Geoffrey Barry
1513 The Art of Pulling Hearts - original manuscript
Valgardson, William Dempsey
1514 In The Gutting Shed - original manuscript
Waddington, Miriam
161 Mister Never in a Dream of the Gatineau - manuscript copy
Wallace, Bronwen
162 The Cancer Poems - manuscript copy and editor's notes (1979-80)
3 The Cancer Poems - original manuscript (1979-80)
4 All That Uneasy Spring - original manuscript
Waltner-Toews, David
165 Whole Wheat Buns - original manuscript - second original manuscript
6 Whole Wheat Buns - second original manuscript
7 The Earth is One Body (formerly Whole Wheat Buns ) - final manuscript copy (1978)
8 The Earth is One Body (formerly Whole Wheat Buns - softcover book (1979)
9 Tante Tina's Lament - original manuscript
Wayman, Thomas
1610 A Planet Mostly Sea - manuscript copy
11 A Planet Mostly Sea - softcover book (1979)
12 Anthology: Going For Coffee - manuscript copy
Whyte, Jon
1613 untitled manuscript - edited copy and related correspondence
Woollatt, Richard
1614 Eastbound From Alberta - softcover book (1981)
Young, Patricia Rose
1615 No Trombones - original manuscript
16 Travelling the Floodwaters - manuscript copy

Listed by author's surname

Correspondence Related To Rejected Manuscripts
171 1976
2 1977
3 1978
4 1979
5 1980
6 1981
7 1982
8 1983
Literary Magazine Publishing
Essays on Canadian Writing:
179 Correspondence 1977-80
10 Bibliography of 19th century literary periodicals held in Elizabeth Dafoe Library (as at 1974)
Contemporary Verse II:
181 Second issue, CBC Anthology: Women Poets of the Maritimes
2 Bluelines , Vol. 2, No. 3, 1978

(includes a letter from Dr. Dorothy Livesay)

3 Submissions for Vol. 3, No. 2
4 Vol. 3, No. 4
5 Montreal issue, 1977, of correspondence and poems
6 Vol. 7, No. ?
7 Satire issue, 1977-78, with face sheets and correspondence. Compiled by Dr. Dorothy Livesay and Robert Quickenden
8 Face Sheets general issue, 1978, with correspondence
9 Vol. 4, No. 1, with correspondence and poems
10 submissions, n.d., to Dr. Dorothy Livesay
1811 Manitoba Literature 1866-1966

Lecture delivered by G.L. Broderson, Dean of Arts & Sciences, as first of the St. John's College Centennial Lecture Series on Saturday, November 19, 1966. Delivered under the auspices of the University of Manitoba Alumni Association as a continuing studies seminar.

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Photograph Collection (PC 120)

The Turnstone Press Photograph Collection consists of authors' photographs and any artwork or photographs used in their books.

11 Ackerman, Caroline:

cover photographs from Cooking With Kids

2 Adamson, Arthur:

author's photograph, original and copied artwork by Adamson

3 Amabile, George:

black and white unidentified, undated negatives

4 Arnason, Dr. David:

author's photograph and colour copy negative

5 Bowering, George:

author's photograph, c. 1981-82

6 Helwig, Magdalen Sarah (Maggie):

author's photographs taken at Kingston, Ontario in 1981

7 Hilles, Robert:

author's photographs taken in 1980 for Look The Lovely Animal Speaks

8 Koehne, Lala Heine:

colour and black and white photographs submitted c. 1980-81 for Eyes of the Wind by W. M. Kollman

9 Lane, John C.:

original cover of Return Fare

10 McLauchlan, Laura:

author's photographs, 1980. One 5x7 photograph by Nelson Wiseman

11 Marlatt, Daphne:

original cover design for How to Hug a Stone - photograph from above-noted book

12 Powell, Craig:

Powell, Craig:

13 Smith, Douglas:

charcoal original poster used as cover for Scarecrow . Filed in map cabinet due to oversize dimensions.

14 Sproxton, Birk and Bertram Brooker:

professional colour 4x5 negative and transparency of oil painting on canvas by Bertram Brooker (1888-1955) entitled "Sounds Assembling" (also title of Sproxton's book on Brooker). Negative of painting taken by Ernest Mayer from collection of Winnipeg Art Gallery

15 Szumigalski, Anne:

polaroid black and white author's photographs from Game of Angels

16 Turner, Gordon:

author's photograph

17 Upward, Edward:

author's photograph, taken by Dr. Dennis Cooley

18 Waddington, Miriam:

colour slide of a painting by Surrey (used in Mister Never )

19 Valgardson, William Dempsey (W.D.):

negatives and contact sheets, author's photo and other photographs used in The Gutting Shed

20 Waltner-Toews, David:

author's photograph taken in 1982 by Mary Delaney of "The Barrie Examiner"

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Tape Collection (TC 80)
11 Unidentified woman speaking on the role and work of senior citizens, n.d.

Extremely uneven sound. Less than a quarter of the beginning of the tape contains the speech; the rest is unused.

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