Digital Archives

UM Digital Collections is the primary source for digitized archival material.  UM Digital Collections currently features over 75,000 digitized items including correspondence, photos, books, newspapers, and film.  This material is freely accessible for browsing, searching, and downloading low- or high-resolution copies. 

While it is the goal of the Archives to migrate all of its digital content to UM Digital Collections, currently digitized material can also be located in several other systems and locations.

The following digital collections range in scope from the entirety of certain collections, to portions of others, to thematic exhibitions featuring digitized samples of several collections.  Please note that they represent only a fraction of the volume of the Archives' holdings.  If you can not find the resource you desire on-line, please contact the Archives or visit us in person. Arrangements can be made to scan materials you seek.


University History

Rare Books

Winnipeg Tribune

Arts and Culture

Human Rights

 Indigenous People

Northern Studies 

Prairie History 


Women's Studies

World History




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