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Agricultural Publications


The Commercial (1882-1883), vol. 1, no. 1, RBR Per 380 C7366, front page 
The Commercial (1882-1883), vol. 1, no. 1, RBR Per 380 C7366, front page

Agricultural Publications

The Archives' holdings are not limited to textual records, photographs, and tape collections. The Archives is also home to the Libraries' Rare Book Room. The R.B.R. houses several useful agricultural publications like The Commercial, a financial, mercantile and manufacturing weekly that ran in Winnipeg from 1882-1903. The United Grain Growers' Guide (1910-1931) offers a glimpse into all facets of prairie farm life, tackling topics from freight rates to the county fair. The Manitoba Department of Agriculture and Immigration Crop Bulletins (1903-1962) provide in-depth analysis in all areas relevant to farm production. The Agricultural Library is currently storing back issues of The Cattleman, The Nor'West Farmer, and several other publications that have ceased to be stored in the basement of the Elizabeth Dafoe Library. These publications will be transferred to the Archives in the near future. Other publications on agriculture exist in the William R. Newman Agriculture Library, the Science Library, Government Publications and portions of the Elizabeth Dafoe Library. All listings are accessible on BISON, the University of Manitoba Libraries' on-line public access catalogue. The Library of Congress recommends agronomy, crop science, farms, farmers, livestock, ranching and soil science as potential subject headings under which to search.


The Commercial

Nor'-west Farmer

Canadian Cattlemen

Manitoba Department of Agriculture and Immigration Publications

The Grain Growers' Guide

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