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Louis Riel Statue

This statue of Métis leader Louis Riel was originally located on the grounds of the Manitoba Legislative Building.  Unfortunately people would vandalize the statue in that location.  Vandalism is when someone purposely damages or destroys public property.  Vandalism is a crime.  In this photograph somebody has vandalized the statue of Louis Riel by wrapping a life preserver around it.  This statue was built to honour Louis Riel and his contributions to preserving Métis rights and culture.  How do you think the Métis felt when this landmark which means a lot to them was vandalized?  Has a landmark in your neighbourhood or community been vandalized?  How did that make you feel?  This statue was later moved to its current location.

Click here to find the Louis Riel Statue on a map of Manitoba. 

Where is the Louis Riel Statue now located?  What is the name of the park closest to the statue?  What other landmarks is it close to?

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