Landmarks, Monuments & Built Heritage of the West
Welcome First Graders.  On this website you will learn all about familiar places and landmarks in Winnipeg and Manitoba.

Do you know what a landmark is?  A landmark is a thing like a statue, a park, a building, or a river, that is important to people for some reason.  Maybe that thing is important to Manitoba's history.  Maybe that thing helps you figure out where you are if you're lost.  Whatever the reason though a landmark is important to lots of Manitobans.

Below is a list of landmarks that are important to the Aboriginal and francophone communities in Manitoba.  Click on the name of each landmark to see what the landmark looks like and why it is important to the Aboriginal or francophone communities.  Then click on the map of Manitoba to see where the landmark is located and answer the questions about the landmark's location.

Aboriginal and Francophone Landmarks

Landmarks are very important to a lot of people for a variety of reasons.  When a landmark is damaged or destroyed the community usually feels a great loss.  For instance, when the St. Mary's Church near Mountain Road, Manitoba caught fire and burned to the ground, everyone involved with the church felt as though their community would never be the same.

Click here to see a video of the St. Mary's Church on fire and listen to two Mountain Road residents discuss the effects the church had on their community.

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