The Manitoba International Marketing Competition (MIMC),
is an initiative of
University of Manitoba
Commerce Students' Association.

We thank you in advance for your involvement
and for your support in this event.

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About MIMC
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1995/1996 MIMC Winners
We are proud to put our most recent MIMC winners on here. Congratulations on a job well done!
1995/1996 MIMC Finalists
Here lies the four finalist of our most recent competition. Take a look at it and see if you know any of them.
MIMC Past Participators and Competitors
Many fine institutions around the world had participated in this competition. There are as follows...


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Why should you participate in this competition?
There are several reasons why MIMC holds such competition. We have listed them here.
Information on the competition
Do you know that there are 2 phases in the competition? Both are equally important in order to determine the winners.
MStrat II
This is the simulation software that MIMC uses during Phase I of the competition. Here we will explain certain functions of the program.
Summary of competition costs
Here lies the summary of costs that will be incurred on the competition, the cost for participating in this competition.


1995/1996 MIMC Sponsors
MIMC would like to express our most sincere appreciation to our 1995/1996 MIMC sponsors.
Information of how to sponsor MIMC
MIMC are currently looking for sponsors for our next competition. If you are interested, please read the descriptions of the different categories.


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