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Pasta Pazoo: More Better Spaghetti.

Lp Camozzi. Illustrated by Marielle Lorraine Camozzi.
Montreal, PQ: Lp Creative (Box 425, Stn B, H3B 3J7 ), 1995/2005.           
15 pp., cloth, $9.99.
ISBN 978-0-9737367-0-0.

Subject Headings:
Readers (Primary).
Readers-Pasta products.

Kindergarten-grade 2 / Ages 5-7.

Review by Valerie Nielsen.

**½ /4


Pasta Pazoo, Pasta Pazoo

I'm tired of Spaghetti

I want a new chew. sings Pasta Pazoo's friend Al Fredo.

What oh what

could Pasta do

To feed her friend with

something new?


The rhyming answer: A pasta world could,/ yes, be found/ If she would only/ look around./ sends the two friends out into the world on a journey of discovery. At the ocean, Pasta and Al discover Conchiglie shells, and, over a field of flowers, they find Farfalle butterflies. In a water park, they stop to play with tubes of Rigatoni. Hiking up Lasagna Road (The thought came to them, /like a sneeze,/ "Tasty with four/ layers of cheese."/) they are surprised by an endangered herd of Fusilli.  Next stop is an amusement park where the two are Spun round and round/ in a blur/ On Rotelle shapes/ for him and her.

     On they march to a hockey arena where the pasta lovers watch players with macaroni elbows.  While Pasta sleeps on a Ravioli cushion, Al Fredo discovers something new: to excite his taste buds:

Like little dumplings, with a twist of meat

And boy oh boy

are they good to eat!


It's called Tortellini, the Venus of pasta

I am her servant, and she is my master.


internal art

       Pasta Pazoo: More Better Spaghetti is a small (21 by 14 cm.) hard covered volume with 15 pages. It is self-published by the author Lp Camozzi who states on the back cover that the "Lp" stands for long playing. "Or his given name Patrick Leonard reversed. You choose what you like." Marielle Lorraine Camozzi, who illustrates the story, is Lp's daughter. She depicts the pasta pals, Pasta Pazoo and Al Fredo, in bright and bold tones with appealingly cheeky looks on their faces.     

     As the author and most adults would agree, pasta is close to the top of any list of favourite kids' foods. Camozzi's idea of introducing young readers to different kinds of pasta by way of a journey story is inspired. Less inspired, however, is the text of the story, composed of verses which rely heavily on forced rhymes and dubious scanning. Although these qualities detract from the read-aloud value of Pasta Pazoo: More Better Spaghetti, it was recently produced as part of a reading program on a Massachusetts community television channel.

     Singer/songwriter Lp Camozzi's has produced two CD's for children (Even Kids Get the Blues and Even Kids Go Country) which have received favourable reviews in the on-line music journal EarBuzz.com. As a first picture book, Pasta Pazoo: More Better Spaghetti, is a commendable effort. Judging by the creativity and originality that Camozzi displays, young readers should anticipate his next literary or musical endeavor with some eagerness.

Recommended with reservations.

A retired teacher-librarian, Valerie Nielsen lives in Winnipeg, MB.

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