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of the Linguistic Circle of Manitoba & North Dakota (since 1959)
Volume 2003
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  1. The first volume of the new LCMND e-Journal reflects the papers presented at the 2003 LCMND Conference which was hosted by the University of North Dakota (UND) in Grand Forks.
  2. A "Call" for submission of articles based on papers presented at the 2003 Annual LCMND Conference went out in late November 2003.
  3. The deadline for submissions was May 31, 2004.
  4. Until more specific, general guidelines regarding format, style, & method of submitting potential e-articles have been developed, those stated in the original 2003 "Call" shall be in effect. (see Policy)
  5. This first LCMND e-Journal volume has the designation "v. 2003".
  6. The primary editors of this volume were the four 2003 LCMND Officers.
  7. The primary editor of volume 2004 was the 2004 LCMND President.
  8. For subsequent volumes, "Calls" soliciting submissions will be issued on the LCMND's or the e-Journal's websites.
  9. For any given year of the recent past [year 2000-plus], the corresponding LCMND President shall be responsible for receiving, reviewing, accepting / rejecting potential contributions.
  10. Articles already published in the two volumes of the LCMND Full-Text Proceedings [1996 & 2002] shall not be eligible for re-publication.
  11. For e-publication projects covering a range of pre-2000 LCMND Annual Conferences, -- for instance, 1990-1999 --, a committee shall be struck by the Editor of the yearly LCMND Proceedings & the Editor of the LCMND Website.
  12. Responsible for the overall production of any issue are:
    the Editor of the annual LCMND Proceedings
    the Editor of the LCMND Website

How to cite articles published in the LCMND e-Journal:
Erickson, Daniel. "A Brief Summary and Analysis of Lysias' For Mantitheus." LCMND e-Journal, v. 2003/1, ©March 2003. <http://www.umanitoba.ca/outreach/linguistic_circle/e_journal/v2003_1>