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1999 Pan Am
Games - The University of Manitoba
Click on any building or icon on the map for details.
The area inside the
red line is the Athletes Village.
Information on buses and parking is available on our Pan Am transportation map.

Fort Garry Campus map Side Legend
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Building inside the Village
Buildings inside the Village Delivery Area

Delivery Area
Buildings outside the village
Buildings outside the Village G3
Main Village entry for Athletes and visitors
University centre
University Centre is partially inside the Village and partially outside. For details see Access to University Centre. G10
Staff and Volunteers Gate

Exit Gate

Building by Number
  1 Robson Hall (Law) K4
  2 University College J4
  4 Duff Roblin Building H4
  5 Human Ecology H4
  6 Elizabeth Dafoe Library H5
  7 Fletcher Argue Building H5
  8 Agriculture Canada Research Station J6
  9 Isbister Building H6
10 Tier Building H6
11 Alumni House H7
12 Drake Centre H7
13 Pembina Hall/University Club G7
14 Mary Speechly Hall F8
15 Tache Hall G7
16 Administration Building G5
17 Buller Building G4
18 Machray Hall H3
19 Armes Lecture Building G3
20 Allen Building (Physics) F3
21 Parker Building (Chemistry) G3
22 Wallace Building (Geology) G2
23 St. John's College E3
24 Pharmacy Building F4
25 Fitzgerald Building F4
26 University Centre F5
27 Bison Building (Faculty of Nursing) E4
28 Engineering Building F6
29 Services Building (Campus Police) E6
30 Russell Building (Architecture) E6
31 Dairy Science F7
32 Agricultural Engineering E7
33 Powerhouse F8
34 Physical Plant/Energy Management E8
35 Stores Building D8
36 Ceramic/Sculpture Building D8
38 Agriculture Building D7
39 School of Music D6
40 Architecture II Building D6
41 Education Building D5
42 St. Paul's College D3
43 Sinnott Building (N.R.I.) D3
44 St. Andrew's College C1
45 Campus Day Care Centre B2
46 Max Bell Centre B4
47 Continuing Education Complex B5
48 Frank Kennedy Physical Education Centre B6
49 Animal Science/ Entomology B7
50 Ellis Building (Food and Soil Sciences) B8
51 Agricultural Services Complex A9
52 Freshwater Institute A7
53 Information Centre A6
54 Investors Group Gymnasium B3
56 Animal Science Research Unit C7

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