Activities & Events in 2006
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 The President’s Reception for Retirees
 April 22, 2006


Registration of Retirees


Audience waiting for the presentation


At the Reception, geologist Dr. James Teller from the University of Manitoba talked about “Glacial Lake Agassiz and Global Change”.

Student Enrolments

Vice-President (Research) Dr. Joanne Keselman presented to us what was happening around the University since last October.


Retirees helping themselves to refreshments

Irv Gusdal

Irv Gusdal (at right), who heads the United Way Campaign for the retirees of the University of Manitoba, poses with ........ .


Sociology: Emily Nett, Jay Goldstein, Gunter Baureiss, Leo Driedger

Friendly Chat

Friendly Chat


The President’s Reception for Retirees
 October 14, 2006


The two annual Receptions hosted by the President of the University of Manitoba are always well attended.

 Dr. Alex Segall, a sociologist from the University of Manitoba, has conducted extensive research on healthy lifestyles. His presentation was about ”A Healthy Lifestyle and Healthy Aging”.

Following Dr. Segall’s presentation, Dr. Emőke Szathmáry, President and Vice-Chancellor, presented updates on what is happening at the University since we last met in April.


Retirees help themselves to Refreshments.


Dr. Segall in conversation after his presentation.


Dr. Teller

Dr. J. Teller


 Dr. Joanne Keselman

Dr. Segall

Over the past thirty years, Dr. Alex Segall has been involved in numerous local, provincial and national research projects in the areas of health and aging.


 Dr. Emőke Szathmáry, President and Vice-Chancellor