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   The President's Reception For Retirees
April 11, 2015


Dr. Adams is a certified market research professional (CMRP) With the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA) and currently the Rector of St Paul's College

Registering for the Reception

Checking Retirees names on the list

Visiting before the Presentation

Dr. Adams discussed political campaigns and polling, what transpired during both the last federal election and some provincial elections, and how accurate and inaccurate polls can be.  He also spoke about the changing nature of the Canadian polling industry and current challenges

Questions from the floor

Dr. Adams accepting the UMRA mug from UMRA President Ed Unrau

University of Manitoba President Barnard updated the audience on recent developments at the University

Mark O'Riley chatting with UMRA President Ed Unrau

After the presentation, Retirees lining up for the delicious luncheon

Members helping themselves to the wonderful food

Scrumptious desserts and fruit platters

Decisions decisions

Refreshing lemon water and iced tea

Retirees enjoying good food and good company

Retirees having a discussion with President Barnard and Dr. Adams

Photography:  Bob Talbot & Stella Rebling

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President's Reception for Retirees
October 17, 2015

Retirees registering for Reception

Retirees placing on their name tags

Chatting while waiting for the presentation

Lively discussion

Audience seated before the presentation

UMRA President Ed Unrau introducing our guest speaker Dr Tim Papakyriakou

Dr. Papakyriakou conducts research on air-sea gas exchange and associated carbon biogeochemical pathways in marine systems, including the CO2 system dynmics in polar waters

Dr. Papakyriakou explains how several gases in the atmosphere affect climate; the Earth's oceans play an important role in global cycles of these gases.  For example, the "ocean carbon sink" offsets  30% of annual anthropogenic CO2 emissions.  A consequence of the aggressive uptake of anthropogenic CO2 by oceans is the acidification of surface waters, with potentially negative impacts on marine ecosystems

Dr. Papakyriakou sharing some thoughts on the Arctic Ocean's changing role in the fight against greenhouse gas induced climate warming and explaining how other climate-active gases of interest include dimethylsulfide (DMS), methane (H4) and nitrous oxide (N2O).  Production of DMS, a biogenic gas linked to cloud formation in the Arctic, while the release of CH4, an important greenhouse gas, has been observed from sub-sea permafrost along the Siberian Arctic shelf

Audience listening attentively to the presentation and asking questions

Fielding questions from the audience

Mark O'Riley speaking to the Retirees about the United Way Campaign on behalf of Brian Macpherson (United Way Retiree Campaign)

Beautiful display of the luncheon

Retirees helping themselves to the yummy sandwiches, fruit and dessert platters

Hmmm, it all looks so good

A time to chat

Gene Walz (Editor of the UMRA Newsletter) engaged in an intense discussion

Enjoying good food and good conversation

Photography by:  Bob Talbot and Stella Rebling

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Dr. Christopher Adams is a graduate of the University of Manitoba.  He received his B.A. Hons. and his M.A. at the University of Manitoba and his Ph.D at Carleton University.  In 2004, he received his CMRP designation.  He also holds a  professional designation as a Program Evaluator with the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES).























UMRA President Ed Unrau introducing our guest speaker Dr. Adams















Dr Adams responding to questions from the audience




































UMRA Vice-President Dan Sitar speaking to Retirees about the University of Manitoba's Front & Centre Fund Raising Campaign


























Beautiful spring centrepiece


























































































Dr Tim Papakyriakou is the Director of the University's Centre for Earth Observation Science (CEOS) and Professor in the Department of Environment and Geography

















































































































UMRA President Ed Unrau presenting Dr. Papakyriakou with the UMRA mug

























Artfully arranged display of platters