University of Manitoba Retirees Endowment Fund

The University of Manitoba Retirees Endowment Fund (UMREF) was established in 2012 by the University of Manitoba Retirees Association (UMRA) to recognize the contributions retirees have made and continue to make to support the university’s teaching and research mission. 

The majority of retirees from the University of Manitoba have dedicated years to the post-secondary educational mandate of the university by educating our younger generation and research that enriches our community, province, country and the world. 

Following retirement, continue to support the university and its students through donations.  The UofM Retirees Endowment Fund was established as one of the endowment accounts managed within the University Investment Trust (UIT). At present, UMREF endowment consists of two awards:  the first is the bursary award, and the second is the scholarship award.

UMREF Bursary and scholarship Update 2021:

The bursary fund
The bursary fund principal stands at $21,888 as of March 31, 2020. Awards have been made from this fund since 2017, the most recent award value was $975.

The scholarship fund
The scholarship fund principal stands at $24,101 as of March 31, 2020. It is now large enough to makes its first award in 2021. The scholarship is set up to support a graduate student in any discipline engaged in a topic/project related to aging.


The UManitoba 2021 3MT® Finals were held virtually on April 21, 2021

UMRA awards a $1,250.00 scholarship to the 2d place winner.  The winner for 2021 is Danah Alhattab and her presentation can be viewed here

The entire 3MT® competition can be viewed here

UMRA and the Three Minute Thesis Competition

Is it possible to compress years of research into a meaningful three-minute presentation that uses only one visual slide?

The answer is “yes.” Evidence to support this positive answer is found in the annual Three Minute Thesis competition that is organized by the Faculty of Graduate Studies in the spring term. In the final 3MT® event, 12 contestants make presentations that are as informative as they were impressive. The University of Manitoba Retirees Association Prize is awarded to the second-place winner. 3MT® is a research communication competition originated at the University of Queensland, Australia, in 2008. The competition, which has since spread to other countries in addition to Canada, challenges students to compress their ideas and research discoveries into a three-minute presentation for a non-specialist audience. The Faculty of Graduate Studies website states that the 3MT® competition program is part of an overall strategy to promote graduate students and their research and to connect with the community. In recent years, finalists from the UofM 3MT® competition have been invited to repeat their presentations at the spring retiree reception.