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1999 Pan Am Games - The University of Manitoba

July 1999

Due to security requirements for the Athletes Village, parts of the U of M are off-limits to individuals who do not have appropriate accreditation. The map indicates the fence line at the U of M.

The majority of University Centre is open to the public through the east entrance, facing the administration building. The second floor is secured and inaccessible to the public, with the exception of Travel Cuts, Special Functions and the Graduate Student Association. A "Surf Shack" is available for Athletes on the third floor and therefore the computer labs are inaccessible to the public. Washrooms located near the Parking Office are the only ones accessible to the public.

No vehicles, including bicycles, are allowed inside the fence line. Bicycle racks are provided at the entrance gates.

The security gates for the fenced areas are located by Fletcher Argue and on Dafoe Road.

All Sport Venues have 24 hour security.

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