Past Café Scientifique Lecture Series

2018 - 2019 Café Season

Choosing Wisely: Why more medical tests are not always better - Video
Polypharmacy: Are we overmedicating older Canadians? - Video
Is Canada a Safe Haven? Experiences in resettling refugees in Canada - Video

2017 - 2018 Café Season

High-Tech Humans: Exploring the Limitless Potential of Technology - Video 
In The Pink: 50 Years of Breast Cancer ResearchVideo
The Fallout: Research & Practical Tips for Preventing FallsVideo
Not a One Hit Wonder: Statins Benefit Beyond Cholesterol - Video
Analyzing The Spectrum: The Neuroscience of Autism - Video

2016 - 2017 Café Season

Older Adults Living the Prairie Life - Video
Family caregiving: How can we improve the experience? - Video 
Baby Boomers Are All Grown Up: Implications for an Aging Manitoba - Video
The Battle Against Brain Tumours: Developing New Treatments Through
Innovative Research
 - Video 
Precision Medicine: One Size Doesn't Fit All - Video

2015 - 2016 Café Season

Approaching Cancer Research from Many anglesVideo 
DIY DNA: Science and ConsequencesVideo 
Alzheimer’s Disease: Can you avoid it? - Video 
Gut Instinct: the science between the brain-gut connection - Video 
Multiple Sclerosis: Questions and Answers from
Manitoba Researchers
- Video

2014 - 2015 Café Season

Why Kids Get Injured: Accidents or Predictable Events? - Video 
Kidney Disease: The Silent Killer - Video 
Endocrine Disorders: Overeating, Obesity And Diabetes- Video
Sitting is the New Smoking - Video 
Keeping Your Head in the Game: How Concussions Affect the Brain - Video
2013 - 2014 Café Season
Helping Parents Understand & Help Their Anxious Child Or Teenager - Video
The Battle Against The Flu Virus - Video
Practical Solutions For Developmental Disabilities - Video 
Heart Failure: Prevention, Treatment & Transplantation - Video 
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and a Need for a 21st Century Human
Rights Response
- Video

2012-2013 Café Season

Chronic Lymphocytid Leukemia - New Discoveries and Options for Patients 
Tuberculosis: The Hidden Epidemic - Video
HIV/AIDS in Manitoba: Global Strategies for a local Problem 
Nature and Nurture (Not Versus): the New Science of Epigenetics - Video
Drug Discovery: The 21st Century Petri Dish - Video
Understanding Our Immune System: A Graduate Student Perspective - Video

2011-2012 Café Season

Food: The Answer to What Ails You  (pdf)
Breast Cancer Research: What Does the Future Hold (pdf)
Oral Health: More than Bad Breath! (pdf)
Telling it like it is: Communicating health research to the public (YOU!) (pdf)
Renewing Hope for Spinal Cord Injury (pdf)
Diabetes: Is Resistance Futile? (pdf)

2010-2011 Café Season

Arthritis: Are you at risk? What Can You Do About It. (pdf)
The New Wonder Vitamin: D (pdf)
Keeping Your Skelton Healthy (pdf)
Men's Health: Separating Fact from Fiction (pdf)
Schizophrenia: Beyond the Social Stigma (pdf)
Use it or Lose it: Mobility in Older Adults (pdf)
Antibiotics: How the Bugs are fighting Back (pdf)

2009-2010 Café Season

Autism: Solving the Mysteries (pdf)
Alzheimer's Disease: Looking for Answers (pdf)
Keeping Your Ticker Happy: Strategies for Heart Health (pdf)
Back to Basics: Helping Kids Be More Active (pdf)
What Affects Women's Health: It's Complicated! (pdf) 
Anxiety and Depression in "Gen Y": Engaging Youth and Finding Solutions (pdf)
Mind the Gap: Does Gender Make a Difference for Health
Policy and Practice?

2008-2009 Café Season
What is Age-Friendly? (pdf)
Could Keeping Kids To Clean Make Then Sick? Asthma, Allergies
& Chronic Disease
What Affects Your Mental Health (pdf)