University of Manitoba - Research - Office of Research Ethics & Compliance - Final Study Status Report (FSSR) Electronic Submission
Final Study Status Report (FSSR) Electronic Submission

The University of Manitoba Bannatyne Campus Research Ethics Board (REB) is accepting Final Study Status Reports (FSSR) electronically.  These closure notices must be submitted as a scanned (signed by PI or electronic signatures) Bannatyne Campus REB FSSR form.   It is very important to use the most current version of the FSSR (pdf) by downloading it directly from the website as older versions will be returned to the researcher. If including supporting documentation we ask that it be submitted along with the FSSR as a single combined document.

NOTE:  Only FSSRs will be accepted via this format.  Any other submissions (i.e. new protocols, annual reviews, amendments, safety reports, protocol deviations etc.) will not be accepted at this site.  Please review the website for instructions on the submission of these reports.

When submitting and your receive an tmp_path & file name error please send you submission directly to and report the error.