Winnipeg General Strike: Variations on a Theme by Robert Kell + Bloody Saturday: The Making of a Monument | Noam Gonick and Bernie Miller

Curated by Mark Neufeld and Dr. Shep Steiner

October 11 - November 22, 2019

Reception: November 21, 5:00 - 6:30 pm

School of Art Gallery – Collections Gallery

Bloody Saturday: The Making of a Monument features Bernie Miller and Noam Gonick’s preliminary plans, archival documentation, architectural model and engineer’s drawings for Bloody Saturday, 2019, a collaborative monument to the Winnipeg general strike, commissioned by the Winnipeg Arts Council. The exhibition attempts to recover some of the theoretical and aesthetic complexity of the work that has been veiled by the anniversary celebrations of the strike. History can be smothering. We reframe Bloody Saturday from the perspective afforded by the convergence and collision of Gonick and Miller’s distinct working logics. Collaborative work can be seamless, reveal difference and also show its sutures. No doubt the same would have been true of the collective action on 21 June 1919.

Image: Bloody Saturday located at Main Street and Market Avenue, Winnipeg.