Unfolding Pages: Erwin Huebner's Artists' Books

Special Collections Gallery
October 8 - November 17, 2014
Image: Erwin Huebner, Practice, Practice - It's Good for You, 2017, mixed media
Erwin Huebner explores the interface between art and science, aesthetically and philosophically in photography, intaglio and related print media and in artist books from traditional bindings to sculptural books.

Since January 2017 Huebner has been artist in residence at the School of Art, and has been elaborating within his work on notions of what constitutes a book, exploring the capacity of inanimate objects to function as covers or enclosures for content on paper and other media. The forms his books take flow directly from their content. His fascination with microscopy and tiny books has resulted in miniature books, sometimes more traditionally bound and packaged. A less conventional book emerges from his musical studies as a child. A concertina, packed in its carrying case and with paper pages replacing the bellows, offers a glimpse into the music and lessons of a young accordion student. Working with cast glass, he has also created a book of molded glass panels lit with LED lights that reveal the subtle surfaces of the glass.

About the Artist
Erwin Huebner is a Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Manitoba and a mixed-media artist. In his scientific career, he has carried out extensive research on cell biology, microscopy and imaging, and bioelectric phenomena. Furthermore, he has authored and co-authored significant texts on these subjects, one of the most recent being, " Microscopic Identification of Novel Cell Types in the Integument of Larval Lake Sturgeon, Acipenser Fulvescens." Presently, Huebner is an artist in residence at the School of Art, where he has delved into the exploration of his lifelong interest in the interface between art and science through the medium of artists' books.

Huebner’s artist books and/or photomicrographs have been shown in a number of exhibitions, including the Heritage Gallery at the Canadian Mennonite University, the University of New Brunswick Art Center in Fredericton, Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild Art of the Book, the Millennium Library in Winnipeg, the Pyramid Atlantic Art Center in Silver Springs, Maryland, Museum of Maritime Ships in Portsmouth, England and the Special Collections at the Elizabeth Dafoe Library at the University of Manitoba. He has participated in numerous workshops on the art of bookmaking and on printmaking to learn the techniques and craft of both mediums.

Artist in Conversation
October 19, 1:00 - 2:00 pm
in the exhibition

Public Reception
October 25, 4:30 - 7:30 pm

Exhibition Essay
Noor Bhangu, Unfolding Pages: Erwin Huebner's Artists' Books [pdf]