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The School of Art occupies a key role in Western Canada for the implementation of contemporary practices in the visual arts, design and historical scholarship, and training in studio practice and art history.

The School is committed to advancing excellence in creativity, research, critical thinking and knowledge in the service of the Winnipeg community, and, through its alumni, the local and national contexts and the global cultural community. Through the new Master of Fine Art program, the school will make important contributions to research and knowledge in traditional and experimental art practices.


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The School of Art, established in 1913, is Western Canada’s oldest art institution. Originally known as the Winnipeg School of Art, it has occupied a key role in the development of Canadian artists during the twentieth century. In 1950 it affiliated with the University of Manitoba and since has been known simply as the School of Art.

In 2012 the School of Art moved into ARTlab, a 70,000 square-foot building with facilities to accommodate traditional studios and technologies as well as state-of-the-art digital technologies for experimentation and research. By 2014, renovations to the adjacent former student residence, Taché Hall, will add much needed studio spaces for graduate students, offices for School of Art faculty members, and a student gallery.

The School of Art Gallery (formerly Gallery One One One), was established in 1965 at the time the School moved to the Fort Garry campus, serving both the university and the public. The gallery shows and collects contemporary and historical art, maintaining and evolving collections in the School of Art's Permanent Collection and the FitzGerald Study Centre collection.


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Its location in the city of Winnipeg, at the geographical centre of Canada, provides a culturally diverse environment that encourages an outward looking engagement with the global community. The School emphasizes traditional grounding in skills-based visualization and art historical knowledge connected to contemporary research in creative practices in art, design and scholarly activities. Areas of focus include: art history, ceramics, drawing, graphic design, painting, photography, print media, sculpture, and video.


ARTlab, 2012.

ARTlab, 2011.

FitzGerald Building, 2009.

Sculptures in front of School of Art (now Architecture 2 Building), 1969 (University of Manitoba Archives; Special Collections).

Old School of Art building (old Law Courts Building), 1958 (University of Manitoba Archives; Special Collections).