School of Art Alumni

School of Art Alumna - Erika Dueck - The Ephemeral Mind

Alumna, Erika Dueck, The Ephemeral Mind.


100 years of educating artists, designers, art historians, curators and other art professionals!

2013 is the year that marks the centenary of the School of Art that first opened as the Winnipeg School of Art in the Winnipeg Industrial Bureau at the corner of Main Street and Water. Since then our students and graduates have gone on to influence the development of a Canadian art scene through their contributions to education, art practice, research and cultural organizations and institutions.



A sampling of past students includes:

Betino AssaDaniel Barrow Paul ButlerMichael Dumontier Karel FunkTim GardnerSarah Ann Johnson Micah LexierJillian MacdonaldDivya MehraJon PylypchukLynn RichardsonRoyal Art Lodge (Michael Dumontier, Marcel Dzama, Neil Farber, Drue Langlois, Jonathan Pylypchuk, and Adrian Williams) • Elaine Stocki • Ivan EyreJoe Fafard • Ron Gabe (aka Felix Partz of General Idea) • Wanda KoopWinston Leathers • Gordon LebredtWilliam Lobchuk • Donald Proch • Don Reichert Eva Stubbs • Jon Tupper • Esther Warkov.


These are some notable students from the Winnipeg School of Art before it became part of the University of Manitoba in 1950:

Takao TanabeH. Eric Bergman Pauline Boutal • Robert Bruce • Charles Comfort Nicholas GrandmaisonGordon Smith.