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Layer Painting exhibition photos text by Cliff Eyland Eric Cameron overview and press release
overview and press release

Public opening and reception: Thursday 6 February at 3 PM.
Talk by Doug Lewis Wednesday 12 February at NOON.
Talk by Eric Cameron Thursday 13 February at NOON.
Talk by Cliff Eyland Wednesday 26 February at 7 PM.

Curated by Cliff Eyland.


Gerald Ferguson Work

ABOVE: Gerald Ferguson's 50 Fish, 1994, latex and enamel on linen, 24 x 24 x 1-1/2 inches Photograph by Bob Talbot, courtesy Gerald Ferguson.

Click to view an essay about Gerald Ferguson's painting of the early 1990s, of which the work 50 Fish is an example. (In that essay Eyland refers to Ferguson's work as being "alliterative.") The e-mails below are part of an ongoing discussion about layer painting.

From: Gerald Ferguson
Sent: Thursday, November 21, 2002
Subject: Re: Layering


Sounds good but you know I was not a "layer" guy. Jeff initiated that territory followed by Garry [Neill Kennedy] and then Eric [Cameron].

My 50 Fish painting from 1994 is "layered" but was not intended to be a "layer" painting. I was simply taking my stencil repertory and serializing it until the image disappeared except for a hint in raking light or a clue at the margins of the canvas. I was doing an inversion or ironic twist on Mies' "Less is More" - 50 Fish was/is "More is Less". 50 Fish led me to the hyperbolic 1,000,000 Grapes which turned into something else.

Don't mean to be fussy. Just want you to know my feelings on the location the my work and my understanding of Jeff's initiation of a rich practice.




From: Jeffrey Spalding
Subject: RE: Layering
Date: Thu, Nov 21, 2002

Hey, sounds like layering to me!

Sequential applications of paint as discrete units simultaneously covering and concealing prior activities whilst accumulating and revealing-congealing as a new visible form.

...for that matter Jerry, your early two part process dot paintings function on a relatable plane. Each 'layer' as distinct act and identifiable visual entity separating plus combining visually to confound the surface image.


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