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KC Adams

KC Adams image
ABOVE: KC Adams, Cyborg installation,mixed media, 2006. Photo credit: William Eakin. (Shown at the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba.)


In the exhibition Transcendence - cyborg hibrida genitalis humanitas, artist KC Adams challenges stereotypical views towards mixed race categorization, examines the relationship between nature and technology, and explores concepts of identity and community. Adams presents artists of Aboriginal and European ancestry in the digitally altered photo series Cyborg Hybrids. A "cyborg" is a creature in a technological world free of traditional western stereotypes towards race and gender. Adams herself is of Scottish and Oji-Cree descent and explored this new classification when being pressured to culturally identify, amongst the many existing stereotypes and misconceptions about those of mixed ancestry. She focused on creating a new structure using the cyborg as the base to represent the influence of technology on her own sense of cultural identity.

Her models (or cyborg community members) were selected from across Canada (including Brandon), and are all of mixed ancestry. They are forward thinkers and plugged in with technology. Adams presents the artists wearing slogans on white t-shirts illustrating common Aboriginal stereotypes, such as "Authority on all Aboriginal Issues", or "Dirty Little Indian". The defiant expressions of the artists in the air-brushed glamour shots challenge viewers to culturally locate them as anything other than cyborg hybrids. These artists do not allow the slogans on their t-shirts to define them, and their captured strength exposes the absurdity of common stereotypes.

Kokum Mamama is an installation that combines natural and technological elements. Clusters of lit, translucent sculptural pieces surrounded by sage are laid out in the formation of her family tree. Adam's family is her most vital source of spiritual energy, and here they are honoured. This installation continues Adams' exploration of identity, as spirituality is an aspect of self.

With both works she effectively searches for community(ies) and locates her cultural self. The result is an exhibition that reflects a personal, spiritual and collective-based transcendence through exploration, reflection and affirmation.

Cathy Mattes - Curator
(Cathey Mattes curated the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba KC Adams exhibition.)

The KC ADAMS CD-ROM includes the texts and images about KC Adams that are on this web site. Gallery One One One, School of Art, Main Floor, FitzGerald Building, University of Manitoba Fort Garry campus, Winnipeg, MB, CANADA R3T 2N2 TEL:204 474-9322 FAX:474-7605

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