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Layer Painting exhibition photos text by Cliff Eyland Eric Cameron overview and press release
overview and press release

Public opening and reception: Thursday 6 February at 3 PM.
Talk by Doug Lewis Wednesday 12 February at NOON.
Talk by Eric Cameron Thursday 13 February at NOON.
Talk by Cliff Eyland Wednesday 26 February at 7 PM.

Curated by Cliff Eyland.

Craig Love Work

ABOVE: Craig Love exhibits paint scrapings taken from his 'unsuccessful' works - like Doug Lewis he reduces rather than adds layers to a work. Photograph courtesy Craig Love.

Inglis Work

ABOVE: One of Angela Inglis' works in which office papers and currency are crushed into a layered mass. Photograph courtesy Angela Inglis.

Dorosz Work

ABOVE: A detail of one of Chris Dorosz' "rubber band" paintings. Photograph courtesy Chris Dorosz.

Ferguson Work

ABOVE: A detail of one of Gerald Ferguson's recent frottage paintings in which he has been, technically-speaking 'under painting' (he puts rope or lengths of hose underneath a canvas and rolls paint to make a rubbing). Ferguson began using this technique after years of layering paintings by means of stenciled imagery. Photograph courtesy Gerald Ferguson.

Cameron Work

ABOVE: An Eric Cameron "thick painting" appears in this exhibition courtesy the Winnipeg Art Gallery. Photograph courtesy Eric Cameron.

Seurat Work

ABOVE: A teacher with her class at the Chicago Art Institute in front of
Georges Seurat's A Sunday on La Grande Jatte, 1884-1886. Pointillism's analysis is pseudo-scientific and even technically erroneous, and yet it produced marvelous art. (NOTE: this is a reference photograph. The Seurat work is, of course, not in the exhibition.)

Lewis Work

ABOVE: Doug Lewis and salt block-licking horse. Lewis "de-layers" his materials.
Photograph courtesy Doug Lewis

Nedko Solakov Work

ABOVE: To create his work A life (black and white) Nedko Solakov hired two painters to follow each other around a room clockwise. One worker painted the walls black while the other painted the walls white. This labour continued daily during opening hours of the 2001 Venice Biennale. (NOTE: this is a reference photograph. The Solakov work is not in the exhibition.)

Cameron Work

ABOVE: A Mary Scott work. Photograph courtesy Mary Scott.

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