Dukes installation

 Caroline Dukes | Being There


Across diverse media, Caroline Dukes investigated notions of presence and absence, memory and belonging, loss and resilience in monumental artworks that command attention and invite participation. Caroline Dukes Being There is a selection of works in charcoal, acrylic, and cast stone from the School of Art collection. The Gallery is pleased to give students, faculty, and members of the public an opportunity to enjoy these impressive works, some of which we have never shown before, in an exhibition that celebrates the ambitious output of this Winnipeg artist. Contemplative and intellectually rigorous, Dukes’ works are serene, refreshing, and bold.

Works in image: (foreground): Caroline Dukes, Untitled, 1972, cast stone
Gift of Alfred Dukes
(background): Prairie, 1978, silkscreen on paper.
Gift of Tony Tascona and Doreen Millin

Curated by Jamie Wright

Exhibition dates:
December 13, 2016 - January 10, 2017

Jamie Wright
Caroline Dukes | Being There

Hannah Keating
Caroline Dukes | Being There

Dukes Installation