The Exhibitionist


A photocopier with its signature flashing, white, fluorescent light to transfer and mass produce the original placed on the glass. A woman dressed in black trench coat makes endless photocopies of herself (she would prefer not to*), bare skin pressed against glass, the flash of the light reproduces warped images of the female form. High contrast photocopies of hands, arms, torsi, derrieres, thighs, calves and feet, she has files and files of body parts. She multiplies herself, she reproduces, and she labours. The hidden costs of ‘Parts & Labour’ revealed. An Exhibitionist as someone revealing oneself in public, she is a performer performing for the spectators to spectate.


*A Parallel Text by Kendra Place will be distributed at the performances.


Born in Hong Kong and raised in Winnipeg, she came across a loophole which afforded her a slim chance of winning the crown for Miss Hong Kong 2003. Thinking she could secretly undermine the pageantry and its fanfare of endorsements, the judges proved her wrong, and were not interested.


Ming Hon is an independent dancer, choreographer, and performance artist working in Winnipeg. Her practice looks into themes of cultural identity, hybridization, and race, as well as the economy and politics of the female body. Her work has shown both locally and internationally and she regularly collaborates as a performer/interpreter on projects with visual artists including Sarah Anne Johnson (WPG), Rebecca Belmore (VAN), and Howie Shia (TO). As a dancer she has twice been a participant of Exclusive Intensive at Tedd Robinson’s (QC) La B.A.R.N., a participant at Interrarium held at The Banff Centre, and received numerous dance creation and research grants, and scholarships. Ming was awarded the 2011 ‘On the Rise’ arts award from Winnipeg Arts Council, presented at The Mayor’s Luncheon for the Arts. She is a graduate of the Senior Professional Program at The School of Contemporary Dancers in Winnipeg.

Friday October 19

2:00 pm           performance

8:00 pm           performance followed by reception


Saturday October 20

8:00 pm           performance followed by talkback



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