About Academic Advising

The central mission of academic advising is to foster student academic success using an integrated system of developmental, holistic and proactive advising.

Academic advisors work with students to create academic success, following the 5 Es of the academic advising partnership.  The goals of the advising partnership are to:

• Engage – develop ownership and responsibility for decisions.
• Empower – foster self-awareness and understanding of services that are available.
• Enjoy – students will find satisfaction in the advising experience.
• Experience – students will fully involve themselves in the academic experience.
• Encompass – students will acquire and use a world view.

Advisors of the University of Manitoba are found in each of the faculties/units.  They will assist you as you enter the university, as you navigate the options and choices that open up to you, and work with you to develop the skills and abilities that will help you make the most of your time at the university.   Advisors will describe the options that are available to you throughout your time as a student. 

Advisors will point you in the directions of important resources that can be consulted as you make important decisions for your future.  Advisors can assist you with the responsibilities and opportunities that are available to you in this environment.  Thinking about your academic preparation is an important part of the process, and this website provides you with links and resources you will find useful.

For more information:

Brigitte Wiebe
University Advising Services Coordinator
204 Tier Building
University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2 Canada