Join the U of M Tutor Registry
If you are a tutor and want to add your name to the U of M's independent tutor registry, these are the requirements:

Please note that you must attend the tutor training in order to be listed on the registry. Registrations for the tutor training can be made here. It is suggested that you read the FAQ for tutors to get an idea of what you may expect in an independent tutoring situation.

Tutors listed on the tutor registry are not employees, contractors or agents of the University of Manitoba. All financial and other business arrangements are strictly between the tutor and the tutee. The University shall not be liable for any problems or disputes which arise in the course of the tutor-tutee relationship.

Please also note that a tutor may be removed from the tutor registry if the University in its absolute discretion believes that the tutor has failed to abide by the Tutor Code of Ethics, does not meet the minimum qualifications, or it is otherwise in the best interests of students to do so.