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Answer Yes or No to the following questions. Keep track of your answers.

  1. On the first day of classes you are happy to discover the assigned essay is on a topic you wrote a paper on last term. You print off a new copy and hand it in on the due date with a new cover page. This is OK because it is your own work.
  2. You are placed in groups to work on a large project. The first time your group meets, you discuss the assignment and you each take a piece of the project to complete. After the compiled project is submitted, you are surprised to learn your group is asked to speak to the instructor about potential plagiarism in one of the sections. Can you be charged with plagiarism even if your section is properly referenced?
  3. You are permitted to leave the exam room to go to the washroom. Your cell phone rings and you answer it. When you go to hand in your completed exam, the invigilator asks you to wait until the remaining students leave to speak to you. Could you be charged with cheating? 
  4. You are frustrated about not getting the results you should during a lab experiment You notice others at your lab table are finished and cleaning up their materials. You decide to change your lab results to the expected outcome and begin to clean up your lab area. This is OK because you know what the answers are supposed to be.
  5. You are to include seven references in your essay assignment. You run out of time and add two articles to your bibliography that you did not use to write your paper. Is this considered dishonest?
  6. Your roommate asks to review the paper you wrote last year because she is taking the same course this term. She says she wants it only as a guideline to help her get started. You see her finished paper a few days later and notice she copied large sections from your paper. You are a bit surprised but really have nothing to worry about. Besides it's our friend's problem, right?
  7. You cannot locate the internet site where you found a quote for your term paper. You think you know where you might have taken it from and include the citation in your paper. Is this a smart decision?
  8. Your friend agrees to edit your paper. She re-writes sections of your paper and you think her changes to your paper are excellent. She was able to write what you were unable to clearly explain . You hand in your paper confident of a high grade. Is this considered academic dishonesty?
  9. You reach for a Kleenex in your sweater pocket while writing your mid term exam and discover the study notes you were reviewing on the bus ride to school. Could you be charged with bringing in unauthorized materials into an exam?
  10. You are stumped on an assignment while working in a computer lab on campus. You notice two of your classmates discussing the same assignment behind you. You join them and work through the assignment together while one student types in the information on his computer. You each copy and paste the assignment onto your own disks and print off copies of the assignment to hand in to the instructor. Students are supposed to form study groups and help each other learn so this type of collaboration is fine.
  11. You are ill and see your family doctor. She provides you with a medical certificate because you unfortunately missed your last final exam. When you look at the documentation on the way to your faculty office, you notice your doctor wrote in the wrong dates. You find a similar colour pen and make the changes. Could you be charged with document falsification?

Answer Key

Modified from the brochure "A Word to the Wise from the Student Advocates", published by Advocacy and Support Services, Concordia University, September, 1998

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