Applying For A Job

Click the links below to view self-directed workbooks, webshops and learn about workshops that can support you with your respective employment needs.

Job Search

When you are searching for employment, be sure to look beyond job posting boards and develop effective job search strategies! Click the link above to access job search resources. Your first step may be to assess your skills and identify the type of work that suits you.

Resumé Development

If you have never written a resumé before, or need to re-vamp your current resume for a more career related opportunity, we can help! You can complete our online webshop that will introduce the resumé development process, or attend one of our in-house workshops. Use our Resumé Workbook to take you step-by-step through the resumé writing process.

What is the difference between a Resumé and CV?

In Canada, a resumé is generally 1 to 3 pages in length. It depicts your education, skills and work experience to a potential employer. It is customized for each job application and describes work achievements rather than simply the duties of previous work. It does not contain personal information such as age, marital status, religion, or photos.

A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a term sometimes used synonymously with the term resumé. A CV communicates your research experience and publications. It is often required for academic or research positions within universities or some industry positions. There is no set length or number of pages for a CV.  For support with your CV, view the resources within the link at the very bottom of this page.

Resumé Webshop Resumé Workbook Resumé Workshops

Cover Letter

A cover letter is an introduction document within your job application package and should almost always accompany a resumé. A cover letter demonstrates your written communication skills and speaks to your interest in an organization, in addition to highlighting your qualifications for a position.

Interview Preparation

Now that you know where to find and how to apply for positions, get ready to talk to potential employers about yourself in an interview.


Use the resources here to prepare your CV (Curriculum Vitae) and personal letter to apply for academic positions, prepare your application for a professional program or graduate studies and to apply research based positions.

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