Implementing Your Plan

It's time to start working toward your career vision and implementing your plan.

View the questions below to see if this section is really for you. This section will help you implement your career plan and address challenges you may experience along the way.1

Is this section really for you?

  • I have an action plan that is ready for implementation? No------ Sort of ------ Yes
  • I have identified a "Plan B" to remain adaptable? No------ Sort of ------ Yes
  • I have identified potential challenge and possible supports to address these challenges should they arise? No------ Sort of ------ Yes

*If you did not answer a full yes to these questions we suggest you move to the section on Setting Goals.

Accessing Supports

During the implementation process it is important to access all the supports available to you. Consider your personal network - family, friends, teachers and professors as well as supports within the university community – Career Services, Academic Learning Centre, Academic Advisors, and Student Counselling Centre to mention a few.

Visit your plan often to evaluate whether you are still on track, celebrate successes and determine if any changes are required. Assess what you have learned from the activities you have engaged in and determine if your plan needs to be adjusted based on this new information about you, your preferences and things you are drawn to.

As you get closer to your identified long term goals you may be able to add additional action items and identify new opportunities and supports to help you achieve your goals.

If at any time you feel stuck or unsure how to get where you want to go contact Career Services. If you have already accessed our services call for an individual appointment.

1 Canadian Career Development Foundation Career Planning Guide

Additional resources for:
- Indigenous Students
- International Students

Career Planning Steps:
- Knowing Yourself
- Exploring Your Options
- Making Decisions
- Setting Goals
- Implementing Your Plan

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