Knowing Yourself

You are the expert in what you need and want in your career! The more you know about your interest, skills, values, and abilities the more likely you'll be able to make choices consistent with who you are.

Starting with the self-assessment process can help you to identify suitable occupational options and/or increase your confidence by confirming that you are on the right career path.

View the questions below to see if this section is really for you. This section will help you better understand your values, skills, interests, abilities and personal characteristics. 1

Is this section really for you?

  • I am clear about my values and what is important to me?  No------ Sort of ------ Yes
  • I know my personal characteristics?  No------ Sort of ------ Yes
  • I am clear about my interests?  No------ Sort of ------ Yes
  • I can name occupations that interest me and align with my current understanding of myself?  No------ Sort of ------ Yes

*If you did not answer a full yes to one or more of these questions completing one or more of the activities in this section could be useful to you. If you answered yes to all you may wish to move to the section on Exploring Your Options.


Only you will work in the career you choose so let's make sure it's something that's "right" for you. To start your journey you will need to have a good idea about who you are and the activities you enjoy. This information will give you a foundation for making your career and life decisions.

It is important and can be extremely helpful to look for a relationship between your values, interests, strengths, talents, personal characteristics and your current or past occupational considerations.

Key considerations / things you will want to think about are:

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1 Canadian Career Development Foundation Career Planning Guide

Additional resources for:
- Indigenous Students
- International Students

Career Planning Steps:
- Knowing Yourself
- Exploring Your Options
- Making Decisions
- Setting Goals
- Implementing Your Plan

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