Supervision and Training Activities

Supervision: Because of the diverse service offerings, interns participate in a variety of individual and group supervisory experiences. Over the course of the year, an average of six hours per week of supervision is provided, with a minimum of four hours per week from Doctoral Level Registered Psychologists (3 hours individual supervision; 1 hour group supervision).

Individual supervision

Individual supervision is provided by doctoral-level registered psychologists (minimum of three hours per week).

Assessment supervision is provided by doctoral-level registered psychologists (amount of supervision varies based on student need to become proficient in administration, and writing of six integrated assessment reports).

Specialty supervision (e.g., on groups) is provided by Doctoral Level Registered Psychologists and at times by other agency professional staff. Wherever possible, supervision by a doctoral-level registered psychologist is sought (variable supervision time based on experience).

In addition, consultation on selected cases is available from professional staff members.

Group supervision

Assessment supervision is provided by doctoral-level registered psychologists

Supervision training provided by a doctoral-level registered psychologist, includes reviewing literature and supervision of supervision (one and a half hours bi-weekly).

Director of Training supervision is provided by the director of internship training – doctoral level registered psychologist (two days during initial orientation, one and a half hours weekly for the first month of internship; one and a half hours monthly during the remainder of internship).

Career supervision is provided by a professional staff member which includes an initial training orientation followed by regular supervision meetings (initially one and one half hours per week, and faded to one and one half hours every other week).

Diversity Training is facilitated by a doctoral level psychologist.

Intern Professional Development Seminars are provided by Student Counselling Centre (SCC) staff and external presenters (weekly for the first four weeks and bi-weekly thereafter)

Staff Case Conference Meetings: Presentations by SCC staff and trainees that provide educational information and training in a variety of clinical areas and professional issues.

Client Consultations: Interns participate in weekly Consultation and Professional Practice meetings with the other professional staff, to review requests of clients presenting for service, and consult on client related concerns.

Psychiatric Consultation: Interns are able to refer clients to a consulting psychiatrist for second opinions regarding clients’ issues.