This profile includes:  

      - Medical Radiological (x-ray) Technologist
      - Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Technologist
      - Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Links to Sites

-National Occupational Classification - an overview of the occupation in Canada

-Working in Canada - Winnipeg report, labour market information (salary, job outlook)

-Alberta Learning Information Service -OCCinfo

    -Combined Labratory and X-Ray Technologist 

    -Magnetic Resonance Technologist

     -Nuclear Medicine Technologist

     - Radiological Technologist

-Medical Radialogic Technology program- at Red River College

-Occupation Outlook Handbook - Job outlook for U.S.

   -Radiologic and MRI Technologists

    -Nuclear Medicine Technologists

-O*NET  -detailed occupational information (U.S.)

      -Magnetic ResonanceImagining Technologists

      -Nuclear Medicine Technologists

     -Radiologic Technologists

-Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists

-Manitoba Association of Medical Radiation Technologists

-College of Medical Radiation Technologists of Ontario

-American Society of Radiological Technologists

-American Registry of Radiologic Technologists
       -ARRT-Recognized Educational Programs 
-Society for Nuclear Medicine (U.S.) - Resource Centre  

-International Society of Radiographers & Radiological Technologists 

-Radiologic Technologist career overview - Explore Health 

-Information for Foreign-trained Medical Radiation Technologists - Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials 

                                                        Date updated: May 4, 2017